I Can't Do This No More ----

I can't seem to stop the physical pain in my body (the wound has now on day 714 -- and // or 1 year, 11 months 23 days)

And I have gone down hill in the last few months rapidly and it seems that everyone is just after their


Even as the C.E.O. of Facciotti Health Care Management Incorporated

I can't continue ( knowing what I now know )

i.e. DO NOT GET SICK / ILL -- if your name is Joe Shumboolski as you will very rapidly find that you are very alone (VERY ALONE)

Good Night its 230am I crashed between 1030pm aand 1 am and now the night seems long as a

GUY on a crisis line just said "what are you going to do?" Considering movement of my body causes me pain I don't think so


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