I Can't Stand It Here No More:

I'm Leaving. I've just decided to leave. Not just for a while. But, Forever. I can't stand it here no more. I'm stuck. My Life. "I'm stuck in my own life"

since the days of sobriety on February 15, 2013 till now I quit everything

then I started the weeds again -- I have been feeling like a screw up as its a product I cant escape from as I went from March 18, 2006 to 2019/20 and now I am back smoking away

I am terribly ashamed and feel so very embarrassed as

Cigarettes' Quit December 11, 2007 -- still in control and winning

Opiates stopped November 9, 2010 - clean till January 3, 2019 when I pleaded for a break from the level 9 pain that I had for months on end, till August 8, 2019 when the Codeine was stopped and the Suboxone was started

Alcohol stopped on February 15, 2013 and still sober, after all the tests and experiments on my mind and body

But the weeds came back

The Bible and I am NOT AN EXPERT says "treat your body as a "TEMPLE"

I messed up AGAIN

tonight I change the path again and get back on the wagons / horses

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