I Cheated On My Personal Physician For The First Time In 8 Years

And Now I Feel Guilt as all I wanted was to reduce the damn screwed up pain that has infiltrated my body, I took 60mg extra (2 T # 3s) worth of Pure Codiene and Now I Feell sham and Guilt adn I am very DEPRESSED

But a she my doctors says "were still a TEAM" hell she gets to actually go home and I am __ __ C K en trapped in a HOLY HOLE infested body that I cant get out of but for one way and that way brings the City Of Edmonton Police Service Officers to my door (4-5x) in July alone and *I am no longer a fan*

If no one can help me then let me go to next place with the Holy Father already but I know this is a Game with you all to test the damn

Sobriety Program out '

IT WORKS already I proved that stop my damn suffering already OK

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