I Give Up On A Few Friends That I Have Been Attempting

To get to work with --- one is just damn insane as he is a resident of a state run mental hospital that thinks he is setting up a energy drink biz

He offered me a $100 a month to be around to bounce things off of

it was like I was a slave as he started ti dictated what he wanted and when and that was NOW

I refused as I need the money for a sofa so I can sleep again and I will physically suffer now and that is what he wanted

I am done AK39

Next Pam

Sorry but BYE

You attempted to sabotage me today over a whimsical idea AI had with me

Remember I am a schizophrenic's and I have been couch surfing in my own living room for 4 and a half months and my nerves were fared with all the health issues i have (had) and then you needed to add COVID 19

Like how much stress and pressure am I supposed to take before I say "SCREW YOU ALL"

Now I need $150 and I hope it arrives over night

as then there is my Godly friend Mr. Elvis who has invested many dollar's in my ass to keep me going and I don't get the deal with it now

I am just so damn tired as it has been 4.5 months and I am in hell

it is really weird what sleep deprivation can do to a human animal

Like I am really a mess * like I wasn't before huh?"2

And I need to stay focused and [positives as I represent this town we all are allowed to call our home Edmonton --- and it is a incredible and kind city

That is why I do not understand any of this as i feel like once again I am being punished (was I really this bad when i drank 7 years 7 months and 17 days ago) haven't I worked off the damn bad shit i could of done

this is really fucked up ---as all I want is a decent night of sleep please

4 & 1/2 months with shit sleep 2-3 a night and you want me to function fuck what horror were you last watching

This is a fucken nightmare already

Just stop it

seems that once the circadian clock gets off set everything in a human animal life gets so screwed up and it happened fast / slow / hell who knows

Pam said " it looks like you were in a war "

That will boost me right

fuck friends like I had

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