I Got Screwed By The System (The S.O.R.) Structure Of Reality

First we need to figure and decide what a (the) S.O.R. actually is as it controls every aspect of your and my life and has for a very long time and to say "I did not do it to you Lucien" first is a major __ __ CK-EN cop out and you know it as all it does is attempt to place you somewhat at ease

Not going to happen a YOU and Me and I am YOU and we are our "Brothers Keepers" and therefore when someone needs a hand a new laptop per say it only takes a few people to create the energy of raising the few bits and bytes of energy needed to pull off a dream for the dude in need (me) in this case but you also need to think of the "investment" YOU ALL have already paid in as I just did 47 days in a medical unit for a surgery that didn't turn out as well as planned as 47 days at $1,640 / day (yeah that is what a bed in a active treatment hospital actually costs) [ I didn't create this screwed up mess either and the food was good but not that good ] and tests and medications, nurses, doctors all costs more as the $1,640 is just the base rate for a bed, I had a Hill Rom 700 envision and that was $75 a day more x 47 days and then the Wound Vac was $125 x 30 more days and then there was the surgery and the surgical suite and teams

And i now "want/need" a new laptop (my old one battery died, and it was bought in 2014/15 so it had a good run) and I would like a nice one as this

Blog is therapy as is my coloring and should be funded as this is cheap sh*t compared to screwing me over for 34 years of totally destructive mental health treatment where the seemingly smart docs would load me up on anything they could and if it went bad then they well they would just ship me off to yeah you remembered a mental hospital the Asylum at $1640 a day (plus, plus plus) and the docs were seeing me 52 weeks a year for a full hour and allowing me to smoke 3 smokes in his unventilated room as his $200 fee / hour was worth even his health but 52 x $200 = $10,400 to allow me to smoke and drink watered down coffee was worth it to his ass (even after a massive heart attack and quadruple by pass surgery *we paid for this too* as we tolerate really dumb sh*t don't we? and after surgery i was still allowed my 3 smokes, it is amazing what a silly doctor with three ex wives will subject himself too)

Why didn't I get rehab??

Why didn't I get group therapy?

because I was being set up to kill myself and why use resources on people who want to die, instead use resources on people who want to die,(hey I just said that didn't I)

__ __ CK-en life insurance actuary spreadsheets can predict my death (most of the time) however it only gave me a damn enemy to fight and by the sound, look etc seems like I won as I am still here even when I was supposed to die (at my own hands)

and this is likely why I was excluded from the club (the rehab clubs) as I was a dead man walking and YOU ALL knew and watched me drowning on dry land as I became a sport for you all

Hey remember them spreadsheets? They know when YOU ALL are going to die to pretty close to the hour and cause ---> funny what reading can get you into

YOU ALL screwed me, and accountability is coming as we get closer to our expiry dates (yeah were like a jug of milk) one day I win and YOU ALL forfeit you lives

and yeah I have time ---> remember I have seen the spreadsheets, have you?

I need 48 sponsor units at $75 for that LapTop and Yes I maybe deserve something "nice" after all I suffered for YOU ALL

All in the spreadsheets but remember data lies (but first you need the data) and the large insurance businesses don't always let us in (I was allowed in a while ago)

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