I Have A Dream & The Covenants Part 1 & 2

Covenant Part 1

Free me from this prison cell, and I will serve Humanity

Date April 22, 2013

Where E.R.C. ( Edmonton Remand Center)

You all attempted to break me, as 23 hours in a box for 88 days would most men, but my crime was one that needed a mention of


Miss Using The 911 Service (12 calls)

The worst / and most hard part was the "unknowing of the length of my sentence" as you never once told me, my TEAM didn't no one told me and at a point when all my stuff was removed from my box but for the book / Bible you all pretty much forced me to read, and my reading glasses

Little did I know God / the Universe / YOU don't forget

How the hell do you actually think I ended up where I live and my incredible story started on October 2016 when I was finally "allowed" to move back into society as YOU needed the pieces of YOUR puzzle box to be designed

From the locations of "The Penthouse" to the locations of "The Desk" -- The fact that its on the same avenue that I somewhat visited for 18 years when my dear mother lived and passed at the Norwood Extended Care, I needed to revisit all the mental memory's daily in order for the change programs to "stick"

The deal was to serve and the first Mad Hatter Hat was bought September 12, 2017 and the serving began

This was all planned by all of YOU in order I would step in my role

Released into care of F.A.C.S (Forensic Assessment Care Services) for an assessment on April 30, 2014 (8 days after the First Covenant was made between me and God / Universe / YOU

Covenant = Deal (for me it meant with) God / Universe / YOU / Humanity

Covenant Part 2


Covenant Health Misericordia Hospital

Date April 22, 2019

Exactly 5 years from the date of of the dated First Covenant at E.R,C..

God / Universe / YOU

do NOT screw around at all as this was all laid out years before

Right down to me falling unwell to end up in the Covenant Health Misericordia Hospital and the GMCC school ((2nd year)) nursing students being there at the exact time i was and finishing the same week that i was being discharged

Thank you girls for your understanding as dealing with physical patients was what you signed up for and you had 47 days of big bonuses with this eccentric, famous schizophrenic and they knew what they were doing bringing us all together at that moment in history

As I was in a Medicine Hospital (we had a Infectious Disease) unit I know as I was on in a unit and on just one weekend we had 4 deaths (and it wasn't a along weekend) I by the time April 22 came along just didn't want to die as the personal count I had made was 12 dead bodies, and all I didn't want to be was 13 (not body 13 I was tripping as I was only there for a wound and I wasn't trained nor prepared for "The Invasion Of The Dead Bodies" ) Thank God I was lead by a University Student to the John Walter Health Sciences Library and have a University Library card (thanks Pam & Iris & Kim) I have been truly blessed for all of these "gifts" and found a book after called "psychology of death" cant remember the author (it is worth the read if death has touched you and your family)

The Covenant (Covenant in Latin = Deal) I was now making was "If YOU / God / Universe" allows me to go home and fast I would Serve Humanity At A Higher Level than Just Walking Around and Handing Out Candies

That was April 22, 2019 and I was in just three (3) days "ALLOWED" to return to my HOME

On April 25, 2019 I was officially released from a place I found more than I went in for as I saw acts of incredible Love, Kindness and more

Home was interesting as the very next day was at Home Care and My Mental Health Doctor

It wasn't going to be clean sailing however as the wound would reopen and drive me and the Team around me and everyone near crazy as i would once again end up going through Hell

LIFE'S LESSONS were fast furious and brutal as the pain would return to pre surgery levels of 8-9.5 - 10 and at times i wanted death as i just couldn't live like this again as I was driving people insane

This Blog contributed in a big way also to SAVING THE LIGHT (Lucien in Latin = The Light) and was cost effective as it was only $500 with all the bells and whistles (cards etc.)

And I prayed a lot, listened yes i listened to all the educated and very smart girls around me as I was alone again in a prison cell of my mind and I (well had no choice)

Then 50 days ago on May 15, 2019 I said I can't do this again and "The Holy Hole War" was launched with 7 months as the time frame (November 15, 2019) was the day we (me and my Teams) would either reduce the pain levels and allow me some LIFE back, or I was a DEAD MAN

At 99 days into "The Holy Hole War" we WON on August 21, 2019 and with just 87 days to go the TEAM(s) were able to breath a little easier as it took all of their collective and collaborative working to "SAVE THE LIGHT"

You did all this for me, and I am go grateful as I still am just "A Humble Servant of Humanity"

The Dream -- Fulfillment Of The Covenant 1 & 2

Who = The Mad Hatter Experience -- with Key Lo

Where = The Planet we call Home / Earth with special empathizes on Edmonton Alberta Canada, North America --- and soon Global with Key Lo TV on You Tube --were in 31 cities and 7 country's already with this blog (you all did this) THANK U

When = NOW

Costs =

1) AISH benefit

2) GST Rebate $408 // Year

3) carbon rebate $300/Year

4) Capital Region Housing Subsidy (which I had for 22 years until YOU upended me, and sent me flying into the abyss) my score is 21 and my application was approved after I was made to endure the hoops for 3-6 months (follow NIKE - and Just Do It) its $500 / mo

5) The extra I am allowed to earn on my AISH benefit of $1072 this is 54 people @ $20 /month / 12 months or 215 peeps @ $5 a month sent to a postal box (did you ever realize that reality was / is very doable)

6) Any gifts YOU all would like to give to make my AISH worker / have to see paper work m0nthly on the Mad Hatter Experience and the Mind Parasites Group LLP as you see I fully intend to play by the rules (right to "pushing the edge") (which is one of my Mission Statement Top Core Values )

What do YOU as a society receive in return

1) How about I go to Seniors centers

2) Rehab centers

3) Hospitals 4) 111 Ave, waving and making people happy as they wave back in response (there is an exact science to what I do) s ssh (later)

And you get a happy feeling and it is worth money as how much is a glass of wine, bottle of beer a baggie of weeds, a movie a big mac worth? and soon there will be Key LO TV a YouTube Channel

5) Stay Out of Politics (at least you can sleep then) lol

6) How about I take the "clean and sober" message I distinctly have created and share them with schools from K-12 and Universities

7) I could then donate a higher percent of my net income monthly --

In the last 6 years of this incredible path and journey I was lucky enough to have had my direction shaped into (The Kidnappers Succeeded) in Re-Educating, Re-Designing my way of thinking, processing emotions, Re-Booting there are only a few trace elements left from my old programs, and Re-Engineering (you changed it all) I LOVE YOU as you gave me something I never ever even DREAMED UP as thy say "You can't surprise yourself but people can and will surprise you if you let them in to your life"

LOVE, FRIENDS GOD AND THE BEST TEAM IN MY LIFE -- And as the say "Shakespeare" The world is my oyster" meaning = you are in a position to take the opportunities that life has to offer. Today I was sad as I really wanted the mini stereo but didn't want to leave myself short for food, the reason I was sad as it is the sixth year anniversary of my kidnapping (into LOVE , Friendship, Kindnesses) and thought (hallucinated) [a thought for me is a hallucination as what you see and what i see are different, same in a auto accident as we all fire our sense at different levels] I thought with the mini stereo I might find a girl / lady to stop by and listen to some vinyl and sip herbs teas (BUT) The Gods/ Universe / YOU always think a few steps ahead of me and today I received a case of Oysters and this leads into a 6 year story about where i disappeared for 6 years, and it looks interesting as a conversation piece (how many people have a case 24 cans of Oysters on display)

And Next Month the Mini Stereo will sound as good and I can likely get my GST / Carbon rebates sorted out before that and can buy an even better (cooler) model


AND REMEMBER "HUG A FISH" In the mean time you can find me on 111ave Between 81st and Kingsway some days as I get lots of times off (I was well behaved) (OK) sometimes :-) Rebecca Unit 8 East Get a Fish

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