I Have Been Up In Pain All Night And "This Is Where It Gets Great"

It is not about my body (the physical) I have been studying various older books on pretty much anything on the "HIDDEN POWERS OF THE MIND"

Now one would think that drinking for as long as I drank for would fry up some of the neruocircitry in such a delicate structure

This is where he M.H.E. comes into play oh (M.H.E.) Mad Hatter Experience along with the combination of the L.S.D.ex. a little something I share with a few people I allow close to me (this is still very rare) and it is not because i am anti-social I just don't like people in my place, and hey "they never invite me over either" (and i get this, NOT-- as my teeth fall out when i attempt to eat, this is because i had my mouth "raped" by a dentist as she Dr Alla D pulled 22 teeth out of my face with no freezing leaving me with ill fitting dentures that have plagued me from June 22, 2016 up till present day, now all I want is to eat a apple or a cob of corn, do I ask for too much) and she was totally aware but I am a damn schizophrenic and we can pretty much get away with murder of us, and torture well why not eh?)

And she is a dentist and they don't do things like this do they?

When I was brought into The Covenant Misercordia Hospital sheer terror still pulsed in my veins and heart as I feared being (this was 10 months 25 days --330 days) after being sent to a group home in the middle of no where from August 5, 2015 to June 30, 2016 in a place so well concealed a few people i knew at that point couldn't find it on their GPS, it was run by a damn crazy lady who had the entire community feeling sorry for her as he husband was in a extended care center at Stony Plain Hospital

This place turned into a Prison Camp Nightmare for me, fruit never happened EVER unless I bought my own and that would have to occur on my social outings of which I was allowed but 2 / 20 minute session at the Spruce Grove Walmart where I had to make friends with employees, as well as a blood test 2-3 x a week so likely she could write off the gas to the hospital to see her old man

Treatment got worse after he died (one minute before she showed up for a visit)

God I remember the house after he passed on October 13, 2015 it went from hell to the bowels of hell where Satan did walk his dogs

she was piss drunk and started in on me over a piece of cake I asked to have

Christmas 2015 was a pizza in the cellar with the other reptiles while the "ruling family" (they were like Gods) had a full meal

Mind you it was better than Christmas 2013 when I was homeless between December 4, 2013 and January 27, 2014 (54 days) that makes one "one of them for the rest of his / her life it seems" (it is no wonder we see a revolving door in the Homeless Industry also but it is all a part of the "suffering industry" as a buddy has called it) therefore we need the poor adn addicted, the mentally challenged to just justify our own reality as (NOT ONE OF THEM) therefore a superior product (ok a spuirrior human)

The Jame Fowler a person I grew up with and a psychologist in the AHS structure and a big __ __ CKEN drunk who counsels other people with addiction issues on how to free themselves when he can't even practice what he preaches my Christmas Dinner 2013 was a Styrofoam box of white steamed rice with James, and when I had the nerves to ask for a ride as he to the shelter after my plain rice meal so maybe i could hook up with some of my new friends to see what we could round up -- his response was :"sorry but I have dinner with the Family" I get a box of rice he gets a full meal deal

what he was attempting to do was to cause me to drink as IAM STRONGER than the worm he is

The sytem amazes me

Medication Management would be a cup on a counter with my daily meds, to be taken if I wanted (she collected all the Shoppers Drugs Optimum points as a extra) and when i had a headache she would some times dump them from the bottle into her dirt encrusted hands and then chastise me for needing them

She attempted to sell Pizza 73 pies out of her office bedroom, she stole from me

But hang on here --- I just lost 22 teeth 8 days ago with sh*t for compassion surly she would show some

Right? WRONG

my meals went from three micro meals to one blender food gruel mixture it was either brown and or green -I found bones in one of them

And then the Health Care System had to fund rides Taxi it was a $75-80 hit each way to attempt to do sh*t with my teeth I needed to be accompanied with an aid from AHE to her Clinic in Stony Plain every few weeks during my last stay (June 30, 2016 to October 1, 2016) just before I came HOME to where I am "allowed" to be now

But back to the subject line as this is ''GREAT"

It never was about the triplet wounds (The HOLY HOLES) adn of my physical body which has aged in 9 plus months dramatically, it was and is about the mind, but not just mine but yours also as we as a society finally open our eyes to the world around us

And just how bad we are actually getting screwed over by Corporation Greed, met a young lass and she is studying business and her goal (this is what she was taught was / is to be greedy) and this is a single example and why this sh*t hole planet we all need to attempt to figure out Global Wealth Distribution as no one needs $100,000 a year it serves us in a massive negative manner and sports players do not need million dollar a year plus contracts so our kids can emulate them and treat the illusion of hero as a fools waste where are the parents

But back to the books I suggest checking out Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel came out in 1916-1919 cost about $10-15

Triggered Bill Gates to drop out of Harvard so it might be worth it to check it out

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