I have been working this evening

it (the wound) hurts, my TEAM(s) are keeping a casual eye on me, I have clothes again as a few weeks in a hospital depletes a persons wardrobe, most of the dishes are washed, I may be a king / Wizard in the movie / drama I somehow got scriped into

But in reality (and yes) at some point even a schizophrenic, such as myself has to "face reality" -- and with this illness plus a bedsore (it is scary) and I am a child still, and have no damn idea about exactly your "adult world" works (and this at least for me is a good thing)

Je says I can have lentil's 2x a week (this is a new food for me)…. its 8pm and I get to go to sleep in a hour (this is good) as I don't hurt as much when I sleep now (I get a big dose of pain meds at bedtime, goody) some yellows and a whitish one

Good Night All My Friends

Mad Hatter aka Lucien


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