I Just Work Here.(W.TH.)-- Call Your MLA (Government) -However --

My MLA (Member Legislative Assembly) is not the "PARTY" (and I wonder not about the actual PARTY going on) and I know why I was never invited (as I drank way to much in my past)

This "I Just Work Here!" -- The Public Health System consumes 50% + of the Provincial Budget - and seems to be pretty discombobulated at points -- and even a scary movie / drama when you get sucked into her, (the SOR), the Structure Of Reality --

This "attitude" of "I Just Work Here" I believe should be addressed as this nonchalant view causes suffering, pain and at the end death --

But until it effects us personally (and it will) it seems to matter little -- but as I said "I Just Work Here"

The first "Principal in the" Success Principals by Jack Canfield" is to "Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life"

And this I would believe is "Your Work Life" so to "Cop Out" with "I Just Work Here'' is not doing even Principal One right so what can we expect for theother 66 of them:

Remember This Is Your Life


It will bounce at you one day

Keep in mind this "I Just Work Here" this time was a Nurse, and not a Injection Nurse but "a dial a nurse"

Already have peopel on my "teams" saying why do I trust "these people, still" and I am beginning to ask this myself?

Why as this was a long 9 plus months and it seems it will not end soon

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