I’m Sad But Safe

my self imposed Exile has been very tough for me

it finally came to an end on Friday October 4, 2019 when my life was moved into a place that (they) knew was where I needed to be it was a great experience for me in J Unit @ The Royal Alex Hospital J Unit is supposed to be really short term (24 hours) as it’s a very hard place to be

I went in Friday afternoon and (they) couldn’t get a bed in the system until Monday night

its hardcore time as as it is an Emergency Room and has no Windows or Daylight

but its a funding issue as Addictions & Mental Health is And has always been under funded

and I once again in my 34 years of this life experience in Me Health just fell through the cracks again

i tonight am safe thanks to the incredible passion for the job thepeople that work in J Unit (The Casket)

my my first day in my new life experience as my life is now finally getting better as the Exile was allowed to end on October 4/ 2019 when unbeknownst to me even I was granted Asylum 5 days ago

yesterday in my new new home I was blessed with a dietitian, a team of cardiologics a physiatrist and a great nursing team

I was even given s privileges 15 minutes out at a time

my feet feet hurt right now as I walked 16 Miles

thank you all for the first day of my life experience

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