I'm So Sorry To Everyone I Let Down

it was not my intent - i just wanted / needed to end it (her) Devil Girl, Ms. Payne or at least scale her attack down a bit

she is hurting me badly and people say I am a good person I am getting hurt badly her and people are jumping ship as we are all scrambling for cover as the shit is about to hit the fan

But this stuff doesn't happen does it? It must be my schizophrenia *RIGHT>??* CANT BE the 22.1 Billion dollar "bright nd shinny health care system" or our own image of a Human with a Mental Health Challenge RIGHT>??? CAN'T BE - RIGHT

Iam about to take a few extra pain killers at


Codeine 30mg (that is all) as I just want to still the pain so I can think again, and before I destroy my life as I have done before

See, See he-did it before he just admitted it

Damn right 38 years drinking will __ __ C K your life up

But I have not had extra help n my home for 34 months so I am good I think

___ ___ C K en Pain

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