I Quit

Okay, this was good last month with 4 pounds of dry lentils, from the food bank

Today with my last $7.22 (turns out the CIBC charges to use external ATM machines) I never use em'

so they took 2$ --

Today again another 4 pounds of "dry lentils" and now I need to see how to actually cook dry pulses

I am at the end of my "line/rope?"

And now I have another "rash / scrap / wound" starting on my jean line

Just take my life

Oh yeah I also got 2 (large shopping bags of bread) and I have no teeth (you are all to funny) and testing me is weird

How much of this am I supposed to take?


Just like his answer when I asked him "how many girls / ladies I needed to meet before I would find Karen & Jacob again?"


So today -- I am in pain [level 6-7] need to wait for meds, and am pretty much broke, as I need dollar for coffee at "day program"

If I actually get to Monday

Buddy ordered Pizza for me, for the work I do.

actually makes sense (finally)

Right now I need to walk (drugs ya know) need to stay HIGH

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