I've Been Gone For A Long Time

Will I ever come back? I don't know

I lost myself in fantasy, and no longer know who I am you think you know what I am --do you know my pain and suffering

Do you really as for all my adult (if I ever was one) life I was hidden in a bottle that never was allowed to feel

You all saved me and the light that was given unto me as I came into the world many days ago,

But I have been gone for a very long time, the last time I drank even though it was pretty close to 7 years ago

I was living in a good friends (Sam's) house who hosted me well and there came upon my front door an extremely loud "knock" and a voice of the E.P.S.

I was still drunk from the night before it was February 15, 2013 at 930am, and one of the Officers bee-lined at me and the other at the main book shelf in the Living Room

Now I cant and maybe this is the magic of how, why, the hope that came at me. Now the duration of the lecture I have zero idea as to how long it was

The words that were used I cant remember -- but it was a very magical occurrence that still nd likely will always bring me hope every time I see a black and white car

It keeps s me grounded and hell you know, it worked as were approaching 7 years and I was and continue to be tested, and at times hard as I guess I need the lessons

I was gone for a very, very long time almost 4 decades when that life boat was-and held out for me

thank you all


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