I Was Thinking

And I entered the "Rabbit Hole" On September 12, 2017 (822 days ago) when I ordered the Mad Hatter hats --- Little did I know that I would end up right in the "flight path of a war that I would lose"

It would take 367 days before my then physiatrist Dr P decided that she needed more control over my mind (and therefore my entire LIFE) a "Life Sentence, for Mental Health Challenge"

That first injection was the end of me … my entirety everything I knew, thought I knew or assumed I knew

THEY (THOSE) that practice "Ceremonial Chemistry" (Thomas Szasz 1974) do NOT know the "outcomes" of the "Human Test Tubes" HTT that they pretty much NEED to work in, this is a field I wouldn't want to be in as its tough

I was a tough "Chemistry Experiment" *really tough* and Dr P was up to the challenge she was fair

And then I was stricken with the Bed Sore / Ulcer from Hell on October 15, 2018 just 35 days after the first "INJECTION" of Invega

the last 4 months have been a challenge on everyone around me and the TEAMS (both Physical dealing with the wound and .more) and the (Mental Health teams working to keep me as stable as they have) and any one that assumes that schizoaffective ,disorder is fun should walk a mile in my shoes a single time

And as of the last medication changes we ( I / ME ) now get to work (I hope) ON attempting to sort out why my right LEG from the Knee to the foot / to my toes have gone a weird numb we have started some early blood works

I have gone down the "Rabbit Hole" a few times before, but this one has me freaked out

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