Looks Like and NONE of this last 156 days makes any sense this was a quiet day of June 26, 2019.

This is when the first *behavioral *SLAVE* contracts* came into effect --> IT the "contracts" are all about CONTROL and now it is beginning to seem more and more like it is more about "ABSOLUTE" Control

And the O.S.G. (Owner Ship Group) know exactly what they are doing FOR me as IAM so very Blessed for all of this --and yes its hard -- but so is life

And "my" life has (since my dad passed away) never been easy -- I could use a few things but I have most of what I need - I am a simple man that likes complicated ladies -- but who could handle the Mad Hatter?

Job Opening " Mistress of the Mad Hatter" send a email -- likely need to be courageous --no pay as I need to get a job before this will happen

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