IAM supposed to suffer in silence as [[THEY]] feel fit

This was / is all by "Design By Society Inc.'' program/project as [[THEY]] now only need me to carry out the final act

Sorry to ALL of YOU who at the end actually seems ((although this is an illusion also)) to f'n give a shit

I now must take that final step into a place we fear (the unknown) but I have had a great teacher -- give me some pointers into "fear"

And I understand it better than most will ever

I have also been allowed to learn about F.O. = Future Orientation as we know and this now seems like it serves a point as

"[[THEY]]" The Ownership Group at The Agency Group have taught me much since taking over the Mental Health Section of my "Screwed Up Life" just arrived some 158 days ago (5 months 5 days) which has become "Too Little Too Late"

If you describe a situation as too little too late, you are blaming someone for not doing enough to prevent a problem and for taking action only after the problem had become very bad

The damn ___ ___ CK en wounds showed up 298 days ago and it was left to fester as I had no one to help me and YOU along with

The whole health / physical /mental along with social services groups along with the Provincial Governments and Civic along with Federal Systems

Did basically ___ ___ C K up on my file

And NOW I am not even being "allowed" a painless death -- as YOU ALL are inflicting as much pain as possible as we are able to do this to me as



Remember my death IS YOUR doing here

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