If Plan A Doesn't Work Don't Worry The Alphabet Has 25 More Letters

There is always a way to solve a puzzle of life as I am still learning so much at 60 ( in fact I am learning more now than I was at 25 )

Books, Online Courses ( a lot are free )

Here are a few sites that offer learning for free or low cost









google certificates

amazon certificates

And here are some note books for the notes you make while immersed in the courses

Today I watched a short video for immigrants by a mentor Gary Vee on well " don't buy shit " as its energy and potential energy

This " Monk Experiment " that started for me some 14 days ago on April 28, 2021 brought me to this place with new people on my TEAM and when my TEAM wins so will I work on " building my TEAM my NETWORK "

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