If You Build It, Heck I WILL Show Up -- And Death At Clown Home

Well it seems like Homeward Trust built a place for people with my "rare" = 1% of the Population Illness and who wants to put money on this one I once again I will NOT -"Qualify" as I Have Schizoaffective Disorder (butt hey hang on here t was built for US that 1%

But I have a bunch of physical things happening at the same time time from

1) Bad Feet'

2) No Teeth (they are only in if I glue em' in I should have invested in Fixodent)

3) A Hole in my Coxxsyx -- that has been a cash sink

4) part of a lung is missing (they didn't say I would be carved up 51 months after I stopped smoking)


But i make you smile don't I now

But You Can buy me Lunch at $28 / week just send it email code ,password it Keylo

But its nice (hey I don't get nice) as I was blacklisted for Group at Therapy at the University Hospital as I just didn't fit (THEIR MOLD) I was too loose (Hench my name)


Lets get me home as they even do medication management (this is harder when you have multiple illnesses to deal with (physical and medical)

Thank You and Lets support your local

MAD HATTER as I become even more EXPERIENCED

Thanks to you all from the week of

August 10-17 Oprah and Evan were right

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