In The Beginning Of The End

The bells and whistles all sounded as one and off and the people were "herded" into the "imaginary factories of their minds"

Stability and Performa (S&P) were "loaded" along with the people that didn't see the subtlety of "The Beginning Of The End" as it entered the scene so quietly the people were made:

UnAware (which are not the clothing we wear under are pants) nor should you have broken the innocence and youth of the child who was made to embarrass himself on the stage in a grade 5 play

We didn't forget and we can never forgive the lot of you

So may you be ''UnAware" when the darkness moves across the screen of your subconsciousness plane of your "theater of your mind"

And the Lights Go Out, and The Soundtrack of Your Mind Begins to Play the Music of Your Life and your at ease for the time Of Your Life

And the time was right for bedtime


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