In The Beginning Was The End, The End Was The Beginning

day 32 of the awakening-- Stay Tuned for the LAST Meal - Isolation desolation (You Knew I Knew)

Reality Check 101 Version 102 END GAMES 101

Who the hell hasn’t thought of THE END of THEIR limited life exposer to the life cycle?

Yesterday new friend Anthony suggested I had become a Cultural Icon –Now maybe this is the logically reason why I get two of the most” HORRIBLE” illnesses a “HUMAN BEING” (that was innocent before the *GAMES BEGAN* can get)

1) Schizophrenia (Mental CANCER) I call a black cat a black cat too (truth is unsettling) non the less it is still the damn truth, and its my MENTAL CANCER and I fully intend to push it to socoietys limits (as this one of the two “silly fucken” illnesses (THAT I AM PROUD OF) ‘

2) Bed Sore/Ulcer (now Sinus Tract Wound) How the hell I NEVER stopped before, I slept 5-7 hours, don’t own A – Television (Sorry Girls / Ladies if You come over we have to “play” (and it I I assure way more fun by far)

a. So that’s it for HORRIBLE – UNLESS WE and we should mention the Pulling of 22 teeth from my ‘’UNFROZEN” MOUTH

i. Can you say Hertz-Donut? Well it did but I have a MENTAL CANCER, and this is how we as society treat VICTIMS of this form of CANCER, if were Poor, and Alone (THANKS GUYS) Torture (in 2016) June 22, 2016

Why did YOU ALL Punish me so hard after (not before) I stopped drinking, YOU punished me with the Homeless Shelter, Jail, Forensic, AHE, Dwayne’s House, a GROUP HOME That Became a Prison Camp

And I LOVE ALL OF YOU \\\\ AND ALWAYS WILL // Just as Jesus DID and “ATTEMPED” to Teach YOU

YOU Torture Me. My LOVE for YOU INCREASED – Hell “He is a lonely schizophrenic” (lets hurt him some more) BUT you know who IS watching YOU and YOUR actions? Right? You Do Know

If I die tonight, I die with LOVE from “my” People, and Clean & Sober – God is Great

Good Night

Love YOU ALL (give the next guy a break okay?)

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