Injection Day At My Clinic

This is every 28 days, its Invega in the arm-- and I don't have to do this as I have not a C.T.O. [ Community Treatment Order ] written against me / on me so I actually / legally do not need to have this done unto me

But I do it as a form of saying unto the Community that has allowed me into it to live as a member


As when a Schizophrenic or Schizoaffective Disorder member of our society goes off and the MEDIA digs in it begins a horrible session of

Finger Pointing at the remaining members of the Schizophrenia Community and society starts inventing the

Shadow figures that exist in a few peoples minds along with the Media

And hell I am not even a member of the Schizophrenia Association of Canada group (they didn't want me) but they did want a donation as they are always raising money for the Schizophrenic Ramen Noodle FUND -- for the rich kids with this horrible illness living under grandmas stairwell

As didn't a Group Therapy session at the University as I was not ''Fitting into their Round/Square Hole" to be allowed in

So I am alone in a COVID : 19 World --- Scared Senseless anymore as there are more dead than the entire Civil War ---> So lets make the Schitzo deal with a Damn Pandemic at home ALONE

and then if I get high (weeds) a few people in my team all freak out

then there in the BedSore -- BruleSh*t which was discovered on October 15, 2018 some 646 days or 1 year, 9 months 7 days ago and as I found out the PAIN is incredible from a Coccyx wound as I have

So I am ALONE, and yes I get out daily (and I hurt when I walk) but I get to MAKE YOU HAPPY if only for a minute or two and as my Mental Health Doc says "life is a trade off" as she deleted my sexuality --emasculated me (but society is safer) as a dude in a green hat just wants to make you smile (the fact is it is simple)

As the Business card says (its all in the hat)

I get fed, grass.

So if you can spare a $20

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