It Is 330am And I Am Not In The Prison Camp

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Yup I needed to do 11 months in a Group Home in The Country (cut off from civilization) as a pure logical and rational reasoning I was a single male aged 54/55 suffering with a horrible mental illness (SCHIZOPHRENIA) that wasn't even being "addressed" as the doctor seemed to be out of the loop and there was never any (ever) privacy and some of (if not all the stuff I shared was relayed to the "Commandant:" Florence (by a SPY) of my Mental Health Nurse named (went by "Char") into the place of what became a Prison Camp and no one cared as I asked for assistance a many a time only to be exposed to the wrath of the Keeper of my Life and Soul in her cell under her room - even listening to music came at a price

I was able to listen to music at 330am, and to make up a box of KD (this was just not allowed to occur it was against the LAW) and she would take stuff away as a result, she did some form of medication management that at time was a pill cup placed on a counter in the kitchen at breakfast (for bedtime meds) and if and heaven forbid I needed a PRN (Patient Requires Nurse) med at a odd time sometimes it was with dirt encrusted hands and my meds as she was a sick lady,

This I hope is not the standard method for running [adult / male ] group homes, as I was forbidden to walk on the grass, it trammeled it down, I was denied access to the top level of the deck, she said in front of one of my nurses from AHE [Margret] that I was going to be allowed a herb garden only to take this away,

She monitored all my phone calls --

You know you get to be older and fewer things seems to actually matter as back then I was very isolated (very) as my (ONLY) social activity was a stop at the Walmart twice a week for 20 plus minutes (while she did her stuff) --and I had the chance to buy some veggies, and fruits. (these were not part of my room and board) (she would allow veggies from her garden, and potatoes) --I just happened to like other fruits and veggies

But then the big day would come (we can call it) FORCED TEETH REMOVAL-- As I was about to have all my teeth removed as the dentist she found for me got approval for dentures and the day was June 22, 2016 ( 3 years, 2 months, 2 days ) ago today since I was last able to eat a corn on the cob, an apple, a chicken wing, a big mac, a sub sandwich a pizza without multiple glue in sessions,etc/And this has made me self conscious and scared to eat in public As my dentures never right from the get go never fit -- IT has been a night mare a total night mare as well as expensive (glue is $7/bi-weekly) as I try to wear them and even if I "glue : Fixodent" them in the adhesive only works for a few hours

But this story gets worse that very day as I had all my teeth YANKED OUT OF MY FACE WITH NO FREEZING AT ALL

Thank YOU Dentist, Thank YOU Alberta for attempting to degrade me more

However what THEY didn't COUNT ON was GOD and HIS ANGELS '


I got sick around August / September 2013 and was Kidnapped into this sick "drama" that the only way out is suicide (and then you attempt to push my buttons with the Bedsore / Ulcer/ Sinus Tract /Surgery pain-- and "MY" ANGELS still won't let me go)


I am AMUSEMENT that is why


So lets let Lucien / The Mad Hatter have his teeth fixed so I can "eat again" (__ __ CK lets punish me by denying my the ability to eat) and you call yourselves kind

OH BUT BTW -- having all my teeth viciously yanked from my mouth on July 22, 2016-- 3 years, 2 months, 2 days ago was the Key' Lo to free me from the (P.C.) Prison Camp

Hey Florence YOU stole my stuff too, keep it and I hope you all burn with it too

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