It Is All In The Hat -- The Mad Hatter Is Back After A Weird Illness

I went down around October 15, 2018 when the doctors found a HOLE in my tail bone as I was already doing good things with my life and I was written a bought by Tekla a great writer who wrote a excellent piece about me in the community paper The Rat Creek Press October 2018 issue ( see this link it is on page 12 )

Tekla is and has become a very good friend and she is a brilliant writer

This article would save my life when I was in a level 9 pain cycle I would push to go out and walk for a bit and this incredible community would wave and honk and smile and hug and take photos

I would be operated on for the hole that grew to the size of a toonie,

I am so grateful for all that I have been allowed in my life

My greatest Blessings are the people in this space that I am allowed to share with everyone at this moment in the brief history of Mankind

Thank YOU all


and if you could leave a comment and hit the heart I would be grateful

Lucien aka Mad Hatter Experience

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