It Is Time Before Time for Yet Another Hit = Naproxen 602am

Was hoping to get to 6am before this shot, as the pain has been bad this morning already and I was hoping to get out for the morning commute and make a few souls happy as they drove into theri workplaces today.

Its 519am -- Noticed some swelling at my wrists a few days ago, and just noticed that also my ankles are seemingly swollen (not sure what is up here with this)

Just called ""dial a nurse" and was once again directed to a doctor when I "attempted" to explain my doctor is on "holidays" I was steered to a ER -- "Do You Know What It Costs For a ER Visit?" Not me but the Health System itself?

Try $1,650

And, what will they say? "Do you use salt?" NO --I Use No Salt Salt but I have been eating processed foods as my Dietitian said it was okay, until I told her my wrists were swelling, and then she cut it back again -- YOU need to read " The Hacking Of The American (or Canadian) Mind (The Science Behind the Corporate Take Over of Our Bodies and Brains) by Robert H Lustig M.D.. MSL and / or "Pure White and Deadly" (How Sugar is Killing Us and what we can do to stop it) Also by the same author

So do you know how many poor people (people who live under the poverty lines) that have these issues?

But hey I have a health issue (and shoulda/coulda) goen to the ER countless times for pain management in the last 9 plus month (as directed by "dial a nurse" inc.) but didn't go as I didn't want to tax the system so I suffered greatly


Hell I might even call 911 WTF (I Have A Card) however more than likely I will walk against "little miss dial a nurses" instructions (I should have a car RIGHT?) WHAT is wrong with me why can't I be damn well "Norm-Al" (my twin brothers Norman and Allan)

Hell lets take this to a higher and more logical place, okay?

I should own a T.V. too, be "Norm (or at least) Al" just for once Mad Hatter why do I need to be so damn unconventional all the time?


as Churchill so eloquently put it ''we will never surrender"

Neither will Key' lo IV The MAD HATTER

Time is 559am and I am uploading 500mg of Naproxen now:

Thank You all for tolerating my senseless rant "it seems to have had a purpose" lots of the bull shit I do these days is like this it seems


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