It Is Time To Understand Money In All Forms ~ May 30, 2021

From rocks, salt, beads ( this one is sad ) to gold and dollars ( FIAT ) and to Digital Currency and Other Digital Assets

It has only been a brief 13 days since I earned my first cryptocurrency a $0.01 worth of AMPL my portfolio has grown a lot since that date and I am going to use the power of this Blog to start a chat about the other spaces I seeming have entered

Today I was given 1.64363097 Polygon (MATIC) was $2.98 USD for answering 3 brief questions this may not seem like anything but I sure as hell didn't see this a few days ago at all

Then I did a 10 minute survey and was given $1.50 CAD and I could have well just been sitting around looking for ways to self-destruct as my old behavior "pre" ( C&S ) would have lent itself to as it was so much easier to fry a few million brain cells

I am just so freaking grateful that " Nero-plasticity " actually works and the brain can regrow brain cells

Made my 1st to 4th sale on eBay ( platform ) this month and this is cool as I needed the money that came in when it did

Jack the book you ordered goes into the post on Wednesday June 2, 2021 sorry for the delay cash tight this month and when the money arrived a bill arrived same minute must be as it was in and out before I saw it ( sorry ) again

I am learning rapidly about so many areas as the opportunity called the eco-system of a non-ordinary, non-lineal reality is here and I have waited all my life to have it show up, be encouraged as if a 60 year old guy with a mental challenge can still learn / earn and grow at the rate that I am

So can anyone as I didn't get lucky unless spending Christmas 2013 on a cot in a homeless shelter and Christmas 2020 in a COVID Unit can be considered lucky ( hey it was as I didn't have anything wrong with me either time and I needed the experience to write about it ) as this is why I need the experience in the digital world as the FUTURE is NOW

Books to Read

All by Steven Kolter & Peter H Diamandis

Abundance --The future is brighter than you think,

Bold --How to go big, create wealth, and impact the world


The Future Is Faster Than You Think - How Converging Technologies are Transforming Business, Industries and Our Lives

And to begin to understand the space that will connect many dots for yourself make sure to go here and sign up to learn / earn and grow

Thank YOU from all of us here at Mad Hatter Experience


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