It Took Me All My Adult Life

To come home, today I signed my lease, :-)

IAM Home finally --I arrived in the Capital of Earth - Edmonton Alberta Canada on October 1978 and today for my 41st year in the Capital of Earth I put pen to paper and made a 1 year deal for my current residence

IAM so very Happy as the last year almost Killed me a few times, applied stress to people around me that deserved way more from this adult child living with the worlds worst mental illness [ Schizophrenia ] ( I hope for this next year I get the services I need to stay sans and to allow people, around me to finally climb in off the edges as I stressed people out) as level 7-9 pain with prolonged overexposer drove me to the end numerous times

To ALL agency's / call lines / and everyone else I promise I will work harder on my Behavior

To THE AGENCY, I will sign the Behavioral Contract because it is important



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