It Was 143 Days Ago I Was Awakened To Just The Sum Of This Reality

I was rushed off to the "casket" and had ,my "head slackened" "the Conscious State I was in was not the right one (for the AGENCY) who would in the next 14 days wake MY ass up "October 4 - 18, 2019"

Today February 24, 2020 NOW is my ROCK BOTTOM as this is where I needed to end here as even with a mouth of ZERO TEEETH -- I will get back at one and rise HIGHER and HIGHER trio a state I at this date have never been before

This ONE is UP TO ME

Yesterday, I found a PICTURE of where I was sent to DIE in August 2015, to June 30, 2016 AND I, look about at what has changed and I see the place I an at CHALLENGE Excepted and I WILL prove my Nah Sayers wrong

CHALLENGE excepted

I WILL stand taller

Pain Is TemperaRY


I will be here long after the PAIN

Pain Is Temporary


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