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January 1, 2022 :~ Be Careful IAM ALIVE Finally And IAM A LION With Teeth & Claws Beware

I had a great day and I owe my tribe of people both new and old and my new found FAMILY as this is no longer a damn JOKE as if YOU wanted to injure me by keeping in a box ALONE -- OK You had your chance as This Is NOW, And I am also a Eagle and we hunt alone and tonight I do not know what your goals are for this NEW YEAR as I don't even know if you set any goals as you and yes you thought I was not interested as I was just Lucien

And I was a Charity Case as YOU thought IT was a big deal and I didn't have a single phone call nor text, now email this year for Christmas, and Maybe this was a lesson I needed as I had a few hours ( TO DO ME )

I am going to need everyones help and this is one of the GOALS to Change The World as I have made a dent in the ( program ) working with the people that supported The Mad Hatter Experience ( dot ) Com and the walking since 2017 but it is going to take MONEY this time as I work on a few Programs as web sites basically need to be paid for and covered the store (s) and yes I am planning at least 2 more stores now as this is where I see HUMANITY heading as I see a population that is going to do more shopping via the web as the MALLS empty

So what can we do to generate some money as there is no way to SAVE SHIT without BREAD / MONEY

I got an Idea as when you shop at HattersEmporium.Com I will donate 10% to the project and we can start with the local project I began in December 2021, called

6-4-6 ( $6 = 4 = 6 Cans ) or Ensure for 6 People Living on The Street of My Town / City and if you want to assist in this project I am basically selling 30-31 days a month for 6$ and you all can pick a day that you want ( subject to availability )

I also want to work on the Oceans and Plastics s

And Global Water $850 Million Human Beings do NOT have aces to clean water on my planet at this point Your $40.00 monthly donation can give 12 people clean water every year. 100% funds water projects. This goes directly to CharityWater.Org

Thank YOU all

The Global Relief Effort and Revolution Begins with each and everyone of US all that we have to DO IS DO = SOMETHING

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