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January 1, 2022:~ This Is Gonna Be A Great Year As When I Was Out Today- Walking With "MY" People

Hello World! - What did you see --as you were on your journey today it was an incredible day as I was [ * OUTSIDE * ] and this was an amazing for me as I had been in serious pain for a over a month ( maybe two )

I am fucken ALIVE and I am fucken GRATEFUL to my friends, supporters and the Emergency Services and all the Telephone Junkies that have helped me through a weird year that my * actual physical health * to a damn acid trip on me and I quickly realized that shit when I walk I had better make it count as I have no idea's if I will be " ALLOWED " to do it again the next day

The Mad Hatter Experience walk in The City Of Edmonton, located in The Province of Alberta, in the Land of Treaty 6 in Canada as I am the most damn lucky / BLESSED Human as i gots a place with a door and a private toilet with a door so I can have a little privacy and thanks to a Incredible Doctor Sasali at the AHE I was ALLOWED to relearn how to piss as they hadme so fucken highn on the experimental chemistry I was shooting all over the room and my little cleaning lady was about to just fucken kill me as shit it was daily so over a tea and a chocolate with this doc ( she bought ) and it was nice she gave me formal lessons in pissing in a bowl fuck she was great and so was that entire team from April 30, 2014 till I was reprocessed and reprogrammed to be me now ( experiments ) yup when I was sent all over the place from crazy place to even more crazier places and then to a place that was even more insane than AHE the Group Home / Prison Camp that I got tossed into for 11 very long months as that was The Place that Arranged to Drug me to a Point that THEY FORCIBLY YANKED 22 TEETH * yup 22 * ( still have em in a bag in a drawer in the castle that I landed in back in October 2016, The DENTIST WAS THE ULTIMATE SADIST IN SPIKED HEELS as she Tore My MOUTH APART for 45 minutes ( WITH ZERO FREEZING ) INSANE YAH -- YUP my fucken acid trip through HELL lead me to The Place I should HAVE been in when my Dear later Mom was still alive and living in the Norwood Extended Care Nursing Home where she moved in at 1978 and she would be there for the last 18 long years of her life and shit I was walking by there before the turn of the CRAZY PHYSICAL PAIN Bullshit that I started to get after the Doctor did her Finger in The Ass Trick with me on October 15, 2018 and they also found out that I had HIGH AS HELL CK LEVELS and this shit ain't no good as the normal is 28 to 198 U/L and I was at 2195 oh shit I had a phone call on October 16, 2018 the day I thought I was about to die as this

Chemical Pathology


  • Creatine kinase (CK) is found in cardiac and skeletal muscle and brain. Other tissues such as kidney have low levels of enzyme activity.

  • This test is used to investigate cardiac or skeletal muscle pathology. CK rises approximately 6 hours after myocardial infarction (MI) and may remain elevated for 36 - 48 hours. CK rises earlier but is less specific than Troponin T in MI.

  • CK may be falsely low if the sample is collected too early or too late post MI.

  • CK may be elevated when any muscle trauma has occurred e.g. strenuous exercise, Intra-muscular injection, crush injury or bruising, surgery, cardioversion.

  • CK may be elevated in hypothyroidism

  • Very high CK levels are seen in rhabdomyolysis.

The fact was I was sore all the fuck over and I thought ( still do ) it was from a chemical that THEY WAS shooting me up with Called Invega Sustanna and that is one way that the levels can go that HIGH and another ( which my doc figured ) Never Trust a Doctor again

she thought it was because I ws walking 9--16 km a day amusing YOU ALL as I wore my play suit as what the fuck I was amusing as HELL in that Fucken BIG GREEN Mad Hatter Hat with the long trench coat, and my staff ( like a WIZARD ) listen to Uriah Heep * The Wizard * as I was being written about long before I was at all aware

The doctor says GO DIRECTLY TO THE HOSPITAL and I WAS NOT ALLOWED to even collect the 200$ as I walked to the HOSPITAL in my City The Royal Alex and I walked thinking that well this is likely gonna be my last trip down 111 AVE like shit I checked Google on this CK LEVEL shit and I thought I was about to enter the land of the DEAD ( that was coming son as I was being packaged and wrapped like a Christmas Package That I didn't actually want as the HOLE ( bedsore ) that was also discovered when the doctor had her finger up my ass for the ( you made it to 50 now you get fucked annually ) and it is funny as that was actually the last FINGER UP THE ASS TEST I would have ( I don't really want to ask for it ) " would you if YOU were me ? " NOPE

I walking to the Alex and I walk into the ER and I walked up to the SIGN IN desk and I mention why I was directed by my DOC to be there some weird shit about CK Levels at 2195 and in a few seconds I am ushered into a back room where I would be injected with a IV of Saline I think as they had to bring the levels down and I was there all evening and then after me asking every 5 minutes if I was about to die yet and the poor nurses are trying to basically get me to chill and I was no longer happy as it would take two bags and the song " yes sir yes sir three bags full was running in my mind along with what ever music I was gong down to hell or heaven with as I was dying as the whole damn ting was a disaster

So around 11--1130pm the doc comes in and tells me that I can now go home as they brought it down to ( now watch this shit as this is where it goes really twilight zone weird ) they number was


and when the 37 month misadventure began I was in an apartment a luxury highrise on Jasper Ave

and my apartment number was -----


Not shitting you and this was only the start of the next 3 years of Doctors \, nurses -- pain and suffering and hell they was to be put through again and man I never get a break and so from October 25, 2018 ( I began the treatment of the HOLY HOLE that they opened as I swear to GOD I was not dealing with shit for pain until THEY FUCKED with it and then IT WENT MENTAL ( THE PAIN ) as the damn thing was on my Coccyx and ( this is the tailbone and a bundle of nerves that shoot well every where hang out there and this shit was damn fucked

and I was on this also to see my friendly neighborhood Psychiatrist for the first time since I allowed her ( I had ZERO CHOICES ) to INJECT ME with that fucken INVEGA SUSSTANA and I had a shot on September 10, 2018 and the second was October 9, 2018 and my damn body felt like shit so I grabbed a Patrol Officer to sit in with me on my SESSION with this incredibly beautiful and very aggressive doctor who was not about to show any mercy on me while this HOLY HOLE thing would go on for 787 days or 2 years 1 month and 25 days or another way it was 25 months and 25 days

That was until I was FIRED BY THE DOCTOR on December 10, 2020 as this was going to damn well heal the sore that opened again after one surgery at the MISERCORDIA HOSPITAL where I was for 47 days ( enough time to see 12 dead bodies NO SHIT I see DEAD PEOPLE ) and I was really not properly trained / conditioned to SEE THE DEAD and to get a fucken DOZEN yet ) LIKE WHAT THE FUCK

It is not over as I also had to be threatened to be sent to the NURSING HOME ( Norwood ) that my Dear MOM Lived in for the last 18 years of her life as they said that they had a clinic for the WOUND VAC ( a damn vacuum ) I wore ( yup wore ) for 30 days plus with zero help and a lot more people would see my NAKED ASS ( and it worked out that they brought into Unit 8 East a bunch of Nursing Students that would wittiness this shit and see my ass an all of em' were fucken so damn pretty and oh shit

so they started when ( the day I arrived in that UNIT ) and they would leave on the same day as I was Discharged ( this is a damn fucken nasty dream ) as this shit was actually happening to me

WE gad catered food no shit Hospital Hamburgers=gets and Hospital PIZZA and Salmon -- great salads

This was a staged set and I was the fucken fool with the LEAD ROLE

And this is the FIRST Time I have ever told this story to it will be in more detail when the book that I am working on comes out I hope

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