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January 10, 2022:~ The Mad Hatter Experience Goes To To Town In Edmonton Alberta Canada

Today I went into the Downtown and it was a GHOST TOWN ~ the Mall was open but very very few shops were open, but even before that I was able to jump a bus and I immediately notice a fear and fear of the future and the unknown in peoples eyes and it was interesting as no one was communicating with their fellow citizens of Edmonton and this scared me as this is fear as the people are scared of each other.

The truth is that once I got off the bus, and a trio of boys and girls wanted a picture and I agreed then I walked into the bank that I have been with since 1997 and money must be very very important to the bank as I was greeted before I was allowed into the three security guards and I was needing to " flash my debit account card " and walked by ( show me your papers ) -- welcome to the bank world

Then I hit a high end Mall and everything ( the shops were gone and the windows were paper covered ) it made me very sad as this was once a vibrant place where I was allowed to make happy people with the silly shit I do ( anything for a laugh )

The I was in the mall, and a few places were still standing the Vitamin store with John & Maureen, was gone as they were gone a long time ago as Maureen called the day before they shut it down for good to say goodbye ( it was great when I went in as Maureen would always have a massive hug for me ) I was sad when I passed by

Then I jumped a escalator going down and there was a very pretty girl and she had great hair and we chatted on the way down and then we parted

I was then in the tunnels to the LRT station and there were so many young people laying down from the mall to the train station ( remember I need a few donated bucks to distribute from you and you can use the interact and I will hand out coffee cards ( hell I don't even know if there is a place anymore to even get a coffee in the down tow area

But then I was on a train and this was the first time in a few months as I have not been allowed to get out as a direct result of my physical pain I now have but this day was about to become some fun as I somehow made it to the bus station at the Mall & Hospital station and then three beautiful young girls approached and we began talking ( wow ) and I was allowed to make them smile as I live to make people happy now as I feel very good and BLESSED when another human being smiles as a direct result of my insane trip that I am being allowed to have again

I am so scared that I will lose ME when I can no longer walk as a good part of the MHE ( Mad Hatter Experience is MHP - Making Happy People as I manage my MHC = Mental Health Challenges -- and I am very grateful for all of the small thing I am allowed right now as I have for a very long time

Then I walked a short way back to the " penthouse " in the great building that I only wish I would have stumbled into when my dear MOM lived out the 18 years of her life as she become a resident of the Norwood Nursing Home where I was to watch my MOM die so very slowly as when walked into the Nursing Home in 1978 and then would be assigned a Cane and then a Walker and then a Wheelchair slowly ever so slowly day by day and it took her ever so slow as from the Chair it was to Bed and then DEAD in 1996 ( 18 years ) --

I wish the truth was spoken more

Were scared -- as the way we treat each other

So when you decide that you wanna help be out to fund one or two of my pet projects from 6-4-6 which gets a meal supplement into someone on the streets a simple drink as if you want to help out -- as I can't fix this world on my own as I need you to help me out as I am willing to walk the talk

But when I was doing the Candies a while back as that was $40-50 a month and since then I have new things I have responsibilities for

As the hats are $62 / hat and the Canes = $45 to $52 and I have been funding all of this to make you all smile as -- that is my role in this mixed up crazy world I am allowed to live in at this moment in time

And I still recognize that this is the best time in Human History to be here as I I have got tools to connect me to anyone in this--- mixed up crazy world that a lot of more people are being to experience ( as this stuff that is happening ) to the rest of the worlds population now as the Covid VAXX stuff Is splitting humanity up ---

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