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January 10, 2022:~ The Mr. Poops Bag ~~ NFT ~

This was an asset that I liked and I see that I have finally got a Kitty as I there is a rental fee to keep a Kitty in the home, and this is The Home I NEED Right Now

Today I is very Grateful for all of the lifestyle design that has been occurring so rapidly and sincerely I see all the help as my entire life I see and feel LOVE and this is so wonderful I have spent a long too long living UNDER the FOOT of The Mental Health System as when this shit began I was " SENTENCED " Yup " SENTENCED " by the Courts when the Provinces Chief Police Officer was a Man That my DAD had a very long Public Battle with and who his kids I went to school with and lived down the street from ( Dick Fowler ) MLA St Albert and the Solicited General 1989 at this time and also the man that would do the wedding service for me and the lady I was in love with so much at that time as the Family little that I had at that time was so non approving of the Marriage this was in 1999

She is for sale ( if the price is right )

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