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January 13, 2022:~ This Is About Getting F'd For 39-40 Years In The Mental Health Industry

And I am " pissed " and not a little but a lot as I was to miss the most important years of my short life ( I was 22 Years Young when this began in 1983 ) and I am going to be 61 in a few more days ( February 4, 2022 ) and I once was a sane man as I was popping all kinds of Mental Medicine and well it was also influenced by Opiates as I was in Physio Therapy for a totally destroyed wrist at work and I was at the WCB Rehab Center on The South Side of Edmonton Alberta, Canada ( it was boarded up and sealed in 1987 due to a damn crazy kid at 26 years old that the WCB claimed had a mental illness and would never work again and what would you do if you was told this>.. and I have no idea if they tore it down as the land was incredible and would have brought in a Kings Ransom ) Anyways I came HOME to a 1 bedroom place that I was in for a while and my kid sister was attending High School at MacDonald High a couple blocks a way and when she needed a place I quickly offered her a room ( she took the bedroom and I moved out into the Living Room on a Mattress on the floor --) and I felt like I was making my dad happy as he said to me before he passed in 1975 at the age of 45 -- he said to me that it would be up to me to protect my sister if he passed away I may have been 11 as he moved out shortly after and I said that I would and this is why I opened my home to her

However I nor she could never have seen the tragedy that would result from this NO WAY as evil men were to appear in my families business again as one day I came home like it was normal ( from WCB Rehab Center ) and I sparked a joint outside as I walked down the sidewalk after getting off the bus, and walked into ( Our Place ) and grabbed a brew from the fridge and sat down on the bed to get some music on as I always loved the tunes and still do ( thank YOU Spotify at $10.49 / month at about $0.35 a day for anything I want to hear

And so you turned my life into you Latex Puppy ( tittle of this poece ) as I always knew you would as the pain and suffering that you put me through in 39 - 40 years KILLED Most of the people that I hung out with from the " early days " as the drugs, ( doctor ordered ) the assorted other experiements have been hard

As I did Christmas 2013 on The Upper Cot at The Herb Jamison Mission for Homeless Men and I was abslutly alone that day as Christmas day 3 feet way from the ceiling of the shelter and one thinks of how many people I must have hurt to be here today as this was needless to say a very tough day and season, and people I knew in the city I was allowed to grow up in wanted nothing to do with me

All but one a Mr James Fowler who is a psycologist at the UofA Hospital and became a regualr visitor when I was in their hospital to have them create the system that would use to destroy me over the next 37 months ( yah I had a mental illness BUT which one ) I have had 5-6 since this shit began and currently I am dealing with PTSD ( according to the WISE ONES ) doctors / etc

But James that year decided that he would mess my brain up even more than i was ready for as he wanted to meet me at Tim Horton's ( at the UofA ) but no damn way was I getting a meal as he said we were going to do, as he sure as hell didn't want to be seen with a HOMELESS MAN -- so we drove away and ended up downtown into the Homeless area and he found a hole in the wall place and he got me for my Christmas Dinner a Styrofoam Box of steamed white rice with an amazing 6-8 tiny strips ( inch long like a hickory stick potatoes chip ) and he even splurge on a bottle of water

So we had our meal and I was at this point pretty grateful for his company but then when we walked out to his car my BIG surprise was due as I asked if he could drive me back to the Homeless Shelter and he said

NOPE I can't as I have to be at the FAMILIES for Christmas Dinner

I wow I was destroyed as this rice meal was all I would be having and not THE FRIEND and by the way I know his family as we all grew up a few blocks away from each other

I then am in my cot --- Address -- O8U -- Dorm --O -- Bed -8 - Upper - U and I broke down totally as I have never ever felt so alone ever

I had no one and this hurt like death ( still hurts )

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