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January 15, 2022:~ The Darkest DaZe Are Upon Me ~ Thank You Doctor `

I begged two doctors from a 2 am to 2 pm session in a ER on January 3, 2019 when a great and understanding doctor TZ heard me which was the first I had been heard in a very long time by anyone in the MEDICAL / MENTAL World as the Pshycatrist was not at interested at how intense nerve pain ( at the cozyz ( tailbone ) could feel as she was totaly unempathihic as it didn't matter at all ( she would fire me as that is how bad the pain was that I was lashing out at evryone as I just wanted a BREAK from Nasty Pain 24 / 7 and they had me on Tyelnol 1000mgs x 4, Gabapentine 600mg x 3, and Naproxen 500mg x 2, and it was not working at all so on March 6th 2019 I was sent to another Pshycarist at FACS who Dr Y who was acually empathic as he said he had seen this before and how big strong guys were brought to their knees in pain,

But back to January 3, 2019 ( I was cut open on December 31, 2018 ya New Years when all the shit was closed ) and the wound was cut into a HEART shape as my wound techs would tell me when I would ask them after alll this shit was going down

She Dr K cut it and when I asked what as wrong she replied that she had never seen anything like it before and as she left the area ( curtained ) she petted my head like I was now a puppy dog and " it will be alright "

The on January 3rd 2019 after 12 hours in the ER I was sent after it was bandaged to my family doctor who basically put it to me ( Tyelnol # 3's ) now or no Doctor T # 3's = Codeine and it is an Opiate

And I was already on Mental meds via the

Invega that I had just started which is an injectable medication ( anti psyoctic medication) for the mental illness that they decided I now had as they ( shrinks ) get a dynamo label gun when they graduate as they change the LABELS as fast as you change you socks -- and it is okay if they screw up and casue injury to a MENTAL PATIENT as in the World we live in the stigma is fucken real and if they KILL YOU Soxiety basically says " Oh well just another Mental Patient " ( how much will this save us? )

And I am sorry but this is how it is seen

I know that she knew I had OUD after 25 years of Doctor FED OPIATES that started at T 3's then Percecet and the Oxycontin and then Methadone \ all written by two ( 2 ) doctors from 1992 - 2013 ( Dr John a family doc who has a sailboat ) and ( Dr O that had 2-3 wives to support, to the point that he would allow smoking in his office durng our 1 hour sessions every week where he was exprimenting on me ( my mind, and body ) as I was what Dr John said on April 16, 2010 he said that " You are my slave with this Methadone as I see you 2 - 3 x a wek and I control the amount you get ?"

I told him straight out that I was no way his slave as I would only be a slave to my MIstress and she wasn't Hired yet "

The I told him that he was now going to write any amounts of tablets I wanted as I wanted off, and he said " well you are on your own " -- then I walked over the drug store and I asked how much I should reduce a week and I was told by the head druggist 3-4% a week, and I said that will take forever then

So I took my drugs and went home for the day and I sat down at the desk and began attempting to see what I could do as I hadn't been off Opaites for 24-25 years and this was a dman BIG DREAM and then I would cut a 2mg tab out then it went along by 10% a week or a day, sometimes 20% and 30% and one week near the end I did 40% of what I still had to go and then on November 9, 2010 some 207 days I was free (I a slave to Opiates no more and I would stay this way until January 3, 2019 when the HOLEY HEART HOLE was cut into my tailbone for amusement as doing this was only a prelude to what was coming my way as they decided so far ahead of what I needed ( and I always TRUSTED THEM as THEY ARE DOCTORS ) and people get / or got conditioned in the 60's till well forever to TRUST ME AS I AM A DOCTOR -- and we still do

But TORTURING or EXPERIMENTING on A MENTAL PATIENT seems to be OKAY as THE DOCTORS are at least seeing these freaks ( as the world won't mess em' if we kill a few and do NOT tell me as I am making this shit up as there are so many cases since WW2 since they did hrdcore toerrture of the unwashed and the Other Kinds of People

Think this one as have you ever had a tooth pulled / YANKED out of your MOUTH with NO / ZERO FREEZING ( as this shit went on the Prison Camps in WW2 for the Gold in The Peoples TEETH and it was noted as a war crime but when we do this to a MENTAL PATIENT in Alberta Canada ( it is cool ) as what was that damn MENTAL PATIENT planning to eat on the remaining days odf his life

But on June 22, 2016:~ I was driving half awake and the other half fucked up on Medications from my Shrink in Stony Plain -- to Dr Alla ( and she would sit me in a chair and then tell me " don't scream as we have some children in the clinic " and for the next 45 plus minutes I was in that chair as she pretty much forcibly yanked 22 remaining teeth I had in mouth out of it

WITH NO / ZERO -- FREEZING --- Wanna Try This One On

But screw him ( me ) as I am JUST A MENTAL PATIENT that YOUR WORLD CREATED ( so he ( me ) should be grateful that we didn't cause more pain

I was in so incredible pain that in 8 days I was hauled by the EMS from Stony Palin to the ER in The City and LOCKED IN A SMALL ISOLATION ROOM like I was a criminal

A ER Doctor even came in and asked if he could have a few pictures of the insides of my MOUTH -- and I agreed and the freak show of the Mental Patient continues as Fuck HIM AS he is only a MENTAL PATIENT

Then I get back to civilization on October 1st to 12th, 2016 ( as they kept testing me to see if I could do this as a result I slept on my carpet o the floor ( where else would be the carpet be ) as my stuff that was kept hidden from me for 27 months hidden in a Highrise Tower and then a stretch at a storage unit by the Group Home / Prison Camp that looking back I was locked in for 11 months with ZERO CRIME as SOCIETY DUMPS young people and older people in places that are extremely unsafe and

NO ONE REALLY CARES --- You want to know why ( yup ) YOU figured it out

But for those that didn't well

WE / I was / AM only a F'n MENTAL PATIENT and we OWN THESE PEOPLE and we can abuse what SOCIETY OWNS RIGHT

Thank YOU -- There will be more as I detail all this ( reality shit that is hard to stomach ) even from people that work in the field on Mental Health ( thank GOD for these SOULS ) but even they are scared to say anything as their jobs are / would be at risk ( and they won't sacrifice their families for the truth of this horror show )

Sorry for all the TYPOS as my MOUSE ran away when I went to get my food

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