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January 17, 2022:~ The Mad Hatter Experience -- Had To Go Global As Now I Have A Bunch Of Hatters!!

ALONE ~ As Many Are as this is NO LONGER FUNNY as we as a Global SOCIETY have seen the mental health numbers rise and rise on The Global Stage as more and more men, women and teenagers and children in grade schools are in a Melt Down and it is in so many ways and now some of us ISOLATE even when there is no order and some have become disabled and some sick with it, and so many many people have passed away

But I don't know about you or even know about me as all of as so desperate for the NORMAL DAZE to come back and our Leaders are playing their word games with

Were going to " Build Back Better " --- damn I hope that they are, as it us truly getting scary out there

If you are thinking about CryptoCurrencies and don'r know where to start this might be a place for you to begin as with a $100 into Bitcoin that will give both you and me a $10 worth of Bitcoin and they have quizes and you can win up to 47 $ in the various coins

Thank You


The Light

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