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January 19 20 22:~ FREEDOM ~ What Are We Seeking In Our Lives --- One Word Comes to Play (Money)

I been seeking FREEDOM since my Dad Passed Away on February 19, 1975 as it was only a matter of a few

Last year 2020, on Christmas I was Hospitalized for no apparent reason other to scare me about the POWER the Doctors Have / Had, as I was taken in on a PHONY "Form 10 " was only depressed as it was a horrible feeling as my Family Dr had { FIRED } me as I was really a mess as I had a HOLE in MY BODY a Bedsore that was already cut up once in a botched surgery

So I invested a few dollars a few dollars that was likely not going to be used as I have received a gift card set of a $5 card and a $25 dollar card so I figured I should TRUST a Mobile App to safely hold my life'ans savings at the TIME so I sent $30 in an account that was paying 0.75% I tried

And then I was attempting to pull my shit together and I was very surprise on January 5, 2021 when I was very surprised and actually blown away as I had my money make me money as I was given $0.01 ( ya the PENNY that started ) The Mad Hatter Experience as I was excited that I began telling every one

And some laughed at me and my really weird excitement over a whole $0.01 hell I am still smiling

But I decided on January 5, 2021 that if I could do this ( could I repeat it )

So I when I received the money from the Government for my Mental Health Challenge I would put a few dollars every month

As I had no addictions that cost money besides my Book Fetish

I currently need to Raise $50 USD to save a APP that

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