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January 11, 2022:~ I Have Decided - You Cannot Believe The Immense Power That Comes With A Decision

Okay DECISION I Decided that the truth is about to hit the shit fan as I can not handle the bullshit of the last two years as now we don't even talk to anyone ( what is that about like REALLY ) I made a decision that I was going to Spread Joy, Kindness, Love and Understanding to everyone whose paths I am ALLOWED to cross, and this is called the D.O.S.E. ( ing ) of The World and the cool thing is that once D.O.S.E. (d) it make you and the people that I cross paths with Happy, and they Smile, Wave and Well The Have an Altered State Happen to Them before they are aware of this

And I get a HIT too and I promise the Whole World IAM LOVING the D.O.S.E. ( ing ) after effects -- and YOU ALL Do To ( smile )

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