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January 20 20 22:~Only 15 Days Left At 60~And This Was The Best Year I Have Had In A Very Long Time

You know this world is so very weird and complicated, for a young man and a Hat / Stick as I was at times in so very much pain and everyone would see this and want to take me in as humans are pretty much like this

And I still just wanted to make you all happy as i as much as I possible could and I have no idea at all if I did my part as I have had a few serious

You likely know --- that I am actually not the CRAZEE ONE as girls and boyz all I wanted was to create a SMILE ~ But the SYSTEM KEEPERS ( Ya Know The Ones in The Damn White Jackets ) well they are always right !


Here is how they ( FRAMED ) the GAME - And I was their TOY / AMUSEMENT and as a Society YOU ALL Let Me Down ( as you agreed with the ones that stole my life away ) and they had the POWER of the STATE against one ( at the time ) a damn skinny kid that was all alone and they lined it all up

As like what the HELL it is that kid that has ( NO ONE AT ALL FOR SUPPORT = NO ONE ) a [ Perfect Victim ] the year I walked into the BIG CITY of EDMONTON was 1978 after being threatened with Jail if I didn't leave my HOME TOWN as a result of ONE JOINT and the perfect set up and and I was 17 years old at that time and " the selling point " was he is alone " and has no one to help him ( and you all were right ) and the REASON I KNOW IT was October 13, 1978 is because the Search Warrant that was tacked to My Run Down Fucked up Sleazy Motel Door in front of the St Albert Cemetery where I buried my Super Hero just three years past when I was 14 years old and my DAD was just 45 years old is now some 43 years 3 months and 8 days ago is still stuck on my Living--Room Wall as this would the one of the last times I would show a Faciote Face in The Town That Destroyed MY FAMILY ~~>

(Good Job Peeps ), a proud Family basically destroyed for what cause a Priest Couldn't KEEP HIS damn robes on when he SERIOUSLY FUCKEN HURT a 8-9 year old CHILD People and this the REAL REASON my FAMILY WAS DESTROYED and Then RUN OUT OF TOWN like were serious CRIMINALS

When HE WAS TAKEN !!!!

Fucken World = Fucken God At That Time

And that was all that was all the S.O.R ( Structure Of Reality )

Needed to Know and as Agents of The State that was all that was all you also Needed to To Know

Yup We Goths A New Victim into the Game

And that was really all that YOU AND YOUR SYSTEM

NEEDED to KNOW and I was a TARGET all my life in the BIG CITY OF EDMONTON

" Doctor's need three qualifications : to be able to lie and not get caught, to pretend to be honest, and to cause death without remorse "

--- Jean Froissart 1337-- 1405

This is my mom and my dad at there ----wedding day and then the story goes that they could have a baby and after 10 + years of trying just as Grandpa Lucien Facciotti I -- Passed away in 1960 I showed up in 1961 and I was a damn big baby and my dad bought me a baby pair of boxing gloves while I was still in the Edmonton General Hospital , Alberta Canada as they knew I guess that I was going to need to fight through various situations just to stay above ground and man I have a few wars

The 37 months that was arranged in part by my best friend who basically saved my life that September 4th day in 2013 when I went [ off the grid ] for 37 months of being challenged in various places in around my ( HOME CITY -- EDMONTON ) my adpoted HOME that never asked me for " can we see yer papers sir " as I entered the Kingdom of Edmonton and a place with way to many people as growing up in a pretty sheltered life in a quaint town that St Albert was in the 60's and 70's the Big City of Edmonton was massive --- and I didn't fit in as I was fucked up by the Church thing that I likely am going spend the rest of my living days and I guess that we will see

This last 6 months and 30 days ( 7 months I hey ) like after eating pills since 1983 every day up to and includijng today has been a trip that lasted what seems like so many, many lives, and I have been through so many, many layers of hell ( and if you think that hell in all on the damn same floor don't believe all that the BOX CHURCH that you attend tells yiou ask someone ( like me ) who has spent 51-52 years of his 61 year old life there ( and ok I am only 60 for another 15 days ) and what I am really needinng for Christmas ( ok it is my Birthday ) but I from now on in Calling MY BIRTHDAY CHRISTMAS, as I have not had a real CHRISTMAS since 1970 I think -- it was a very very long time ago, when my Dads side of the Family all came by our home and Grandma Facciotti gave me an incredible Childrens Bible and she sign it to Lucien Facciotti -- * the same name as her late husband who passed away in 1960 the year before I came into the drama ( I still have that Bible and I cherish it as she passed a few years later and then my dad went and mom got sick with the MS fucken doesease and after dad passed my mom I guess was feeling lonely or something so she ended up with a damn asshole boyfriend Armand Hugli who as soon as he moved in her took over the damn house and the beatings were kind of bad at times as it was between 1976-1977 that The Fucken Alberta Governemnt stepped in and took my kid sister away and I had no idea as to what ever happened to her for a whole year and I was flipping as I didn't know shit about the Goverment at that age as I for a very, long time blamed myself -- fuck he should of died as smeof ten beatings were fucked up and at one point the Governemnt stepped in and tossed me into YDC ( and I didn't do shit ) and I know I didn't do shit as one day while there I asked a Guard if I could borrow his bike and ride to St Albert to get some music and he allowed me -- so in my dorm we had tunes the one of my Uncles after figuring out how to get paid from the Government took me into his hosue and there must of been 10 kids at that time in a time compared to our house and I said F this take me home and well the beat downs were now worse as he Armand Hugli was going for his big score the money from the sale of OUR house and he would kick down doors to get to me and I remember one day I was in a bedroom in the basement and I barricaded myself in and all of a sudden that morning he came flying through the door and I went flying straight out the bedroom window that I set the night before with no glass or screen and he then flew the window to and fuck it was a road race on my front street and at the very end of Gresham Blvd he caught me and I was bloody and bruised the bruises lasted around a week

Then I ran away to BC to stay with my cousins for a while while everyone attempted to fix my problem

Then I went back and I walked into my house after a nice joint and I didn't know where I was as the house was the same but all the forfeitures were different then the guy little bigger and older than me comes around the corner from the bedrooms and I had no damn idea who he was and it looked like he had zero idea as to who I was and he said that they just moved in and my stuff was in a the Garage next door at 42 Gresham Blvd and that arrangements were made that I was going to sleep in a tent trailer in 40 Gresham Blvd the Bruha's and between these two family's I had place to sleep and then Greg Bruha got me a job at Nelson Lumber on the St Albert Trail counting 2 x 4's and stuff

They were feeding me at the Bruha's as these are really super people took pretty good care of till I went back to my ROOM ( the trailer ) and the screen window I kept open and at night it was direct on the sight line to my house that I knew I was never going to enter again and I was so damn sad and seeing my house that I spent all my life in with my parents and my little sister I was getting seriously depressed ( and I didn 't even know what that was )I just was so sad it was like I was dead ( and that is like right now ) as in this incrdible City.

And I am smoking as much weeds as possible to just stop feeeling anymore and I got caught it was a weekend around 2am and I got caught my the Mr Bruha and he didn't need to say a word as I knew I had no place no to sleep -- and then Greg and me grabbed a few thijngs from the Garage at 42 Gresham ( they kicked me out as they had to very,very sons 6-7 maybe and they didn't want them exposed to weeds ( and according to Christian Beleifs back then IT was OK to sexually abuse boys ( like me ) but weeds were bad ( fuck ) and I still feel bad and I mean really bad for that whole family as these are very very really kind caring people that feed me their food really inredible food some nights and I broke a rule that I didn't and could not have seen as a rule -- and I was in the Northgate Motel in Unit 8 when I was served after I was set up

So then after getting busted for a damn jojnt ( I was already on charges for a damn hash pipe that I got busted with on Feburaruy 4, 1977 ( my damn birthday no damn breaks that day and this RCMP guy wants me now in Jail and had they really gone through the room well I had brick of hash under the bed taped up -- this kid whose daddy ran a ice cream place in the mall next to my old house

The RCMP has to come back as they just walked in took the damn joint and left fuck and the RCMP dude is going to play a prick card ( this was like October 13, 1978 ) and what he wants is me out of TOWN --- never ever went back to my home town since till 2006 after my marriage ended --- as i just wanted to see it again as I would want to go back but my life is here now as I am The City Of Edmonton s Mad Hatter Experience and I finally after from 1978 to 2013 I was just a guy and then I am destroyed so that THEY could try and SAVE THE LIGHT ( Lucien in Latin = The Light ) and man you can't write this shit as the whole thing was Designed and Created by Gods Angels and they EXIST I know it

I had no home for 37 months ( and this means to me NO KRAFT DINNER ) but then simeone went way to far as

On June 22, 2016 -- I was so screwed up on the MEDS by Design of the Doctor and who ever and they gots me to a Dentist in Stony Plain Dr Alla and she tore 22 teeth out of my damn mouth and blood was everywhere and PAIN as she did all of this with ZERO FREEZING -- like this is what you get from a system out of Control of a Vulnerable Person in their care

And so far no one gives a shit as I am only a Mental Patient but YOU KNOW this right that if I was Jewish holy shit heads would be rolling everywhere

So it is The Alberta Government FUNDS TORTURE on MENTAL CLIENTS in Their CARE and since I am a no one


But did YOU really as if you stand or sit there and you hear this story YOU ARE COMPLICIT if YOU DO NOTHING to RIGHT THIS HORRIBLE WRONG




OH you wanna hear // see how the Divine = Karma Works

Sit back

The two young Bruha boys Barry and Blaine KILL THEMSELVES when I am trapped in that 37 MONTHS Experiment from HELL

Their Dad Rudy --also DEAD

The Uncle who Denied me playing a piece piece of MUSIC at my Mommy's Funeral that they BURNT HER BODY IN A OVEN before I could say good buy

Well he is DEAD -- That is my Uncle Oscar who harped on me all my life for the DRUGS

Which was WEED

well his kid my age Alian Labrie ( he is dead SUICIDE ) funny part he didn't do drugs but he still KILLED himself leaving children behind I no damn sense of Personal Responsibility, but my smoking weed was a INTERNATIONAL CRIME

and MY Dear Mon Loved her flowers


And that damn song that I wanted to play at her funeral was Tom Petty and Wildflowers and I was even denied that at my dear moms funeral

And then my damn sister was in charge of the service her Husband Mr Ross Stanton of Stanton Medals

Fathers three incredible girls Laura ,Carley and Jill after they spend the inheritance money of some great furniture steals the furniture bought by my mom and my dad ( this money came from my Parents Labor

And at the FUNERAL of MY DEAR MOM who just died after the longest damn sentence in a fucken incarceration camp for 18 long years where I saw my mom walking when she went in to cane to walker to wheelchair to bed to dead


He wants a fight right at the fucken service as I somehow knocked him on his damn ass when I saw the plastic flowers that were used for MY MOMS FUNERAL

And my Uncle intervenes and says if your going to do this you walk home

Well GUESS what Uncle Oscar my damn dirt farmer uncle guess you finallyt at home under the damn dirt


BE VERY VERY CAREFUL ask Lynn_Trades on Instagram who scammed me for $500 USD before I had any idea about Crypto

Well she has 2 kids and a hubby and 26,000 plus followers when she stole from


Well she got her disappearance papers and I just hope the KIDS are all right

Here HUBBY well I don't care

What did your GOD SAY yah he said and Vengeance Shall Be MINE


FOR 51-52 YEARS that I will never get back


And I remember what YOU DID UNTO ME

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