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January 22 20 22: ~ The Source Of All Wealth ~ And It Ain't Me Nah It Is ~ GOD & Jesus Christ

But right Now Babies I have an offer for ya all as the Bread in The Wallet is Low and I have a Amazon echo dot that retails at $54.99 however the Bread Machine don'ts run on LOVE -- I do but it seems that when I want a loaf of bread that the baker well he wants my bread ---- Now you can grab this if your in my town at an address that we work out when this is done and if you can't walk and I now know this one well as I went from being a damn maniac in this the BEST CITY on Earth for a Kid To Be ( ya that is ME ) from being able to pull 9 -16 KM a day to some daZe not being able to run down the stairs from the Penthouse to grab the Devils Breakfast ( it is only drugs ) fucken doctors keeps me on drugs for 39 plus years and 5 mental illnesses as it seems when they graduate they all receive in the " HeadShrinkers - Subjective View Point Kit They Get a Dynamo Labeling Gun, in along with a Gold Leaf Prescription Pad Case and ( more toys to be announced ) and then the next, Drug reps turn them on to ya know we will send you and the Mistress to a beach all expenses " just push these fucken pills as you are in a competition with 5 other Headshrinkers for this trip - just don't kill to many crazy's as that looks bad for BIG PHARMA " lol

Anyways as far as Bread goes I will take all the BREAD ya Can Affords as I is attempting to keeps this website running as I still live below a poverty line which was decided on by people living above the poverty line and have no idea as to how it feels to not be able to afford a damn pair of Levi's Jeans as the pills from that damn DRUG REP cause weight plus about about 10 other really cool side effects ( hey headshrinkers do NOT take em yourselves)

as for the lady in this Jpeg she lives on a Blockchain ( not a chain gang ) but a Blockchain its new

And she is for sale -- and I am taking the first five donations and then you will need a account on the blockchain she exists on -- rules are simple enough

Just look at Envy's Upper Lip she has seen a HeadShrinker Before, and She is Now Leary

And now lets ---

The Games begin now

Lets come up with a decent offer on the Echo


God Bless ya all

and if ya smiled maybe donate a Satoshi's or a Few Doge Coins ( as we hear at The Mad Hatter Experience are getting ready to take many Crypto Coins ) as

POV - Proof Of Visiting

Hey we are the Mentally Challenged and we love ya all and if ya want to join the Family in North America

Go here as we have sale righn now on a 1 year membership and that is see inside the link

Peace Out

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