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January 24 20 22:~ Welcome To Yet Another Week In Paradise As We All Get To Be Here Right Now

Well it is Monday January 24, 2022~~ And I am here at Mad Hatter Experience Head Quarters On Earth as Now we take what YOU ALL did for me with this BLOG / Website and continue the GREAT WORKS of So Many Of You have done for everyone --- But we have so very very much still to do to ensure the Survival Of The Species of Man / Women and of The Very Survival; of the Earth itself

Finally figured out a short list of a few things that would be very, very cool for my 61'st Birthday on February 4, 2022 and it sort of is weird asking for stuff as I have so much

As I have so VERY, VERY Much as I have a place to sleep even though that I still cannot get my hours right there are 850 MILLION PEOPLE ( ya they are like me and YOU ) that do not have access to clean water-- and there will be more as the population of Earth Continues to expand --

So many people ( even in my city of are Homeless as I was also in that place on January 24, 2014 ) but I was allowed to get out, through the various Angels and some incredible Gifts from GOD & Jesus

There are so very many people including children that have no food and I have been there also ( but I have now )

God is very GOOD to ME as he has given and allowed me to tap strength that I never knew existed before

And yet I lack ( go figure )

I want and I have been asked that people want to read about my story of how I do what I do

I need a chair like a gaming chair thingy as I have had a medical issue with a HOLE ( ya an actual HOLE in my tailbone that I needed Surgery and would kinda not like another round of that )

I also need a new laptop with Windows as I grabbed the one I am using now a few years ago and it runs Chrome and I am now having shut down issues all the time

And oh a Blind ( window ) as the desk ( that I invested in some 25 years ago that was constructed in the 40''s ) is in my window and I love it there

But the SUN don't give me a break as this great " bay window "gets The WEST SUN and I am going to be 61 and I guess direct SUN is kind of hard on my EYES

Go Figure

Thank You ALL for the support over this last few years as this has been so hard on us all and the poor will suffer first

get to be POOR in a WESTERN Society ( maybe I see the danger society is in first ) so I am a window to the safety new for many

And if you want to help with the water problem society faces globally this incredible organization has been running since 2006

Check it out

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