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January 25 20 22:~ YOU WILL Own Nothing And YOU will BE HAPPY = Agenda 2030

Betcha didn't this day coming as it all began as a THOUGHT in the MIND of a SINGLE man many, many miles from your home

The WEST Got sucked in a VERY, VERY LONG TIME AGO and we are now the Generation that is going to pay a very, very high price -- and some will lose it all ( just as I did in 2013 when I ended up Homeless after 3 long months in an Mental Health Unit ) and from there I was discharged straight away to The Homeless Shelter in Edmonton around 8 years ago as on this exact day 8 years I was in the Shelter and Everyone and I mean EVERYONE ( That I ever knew ) Turned Their Backs on Me like I was a disease, I was truly alone isolated alone with NO ONE

And it was totally weird as when I was [" TOLD "] that it was my only solution --

And they all went along with [" The Cultural Narrative "] and that is that if you are Homeless YOU Yourself is Responsible and therefore it is no owns fault but your own

And generally this is not the case.. but when a society refuses Mental Health Services and the Society i saying that the Homeless have a Mental Illness ( so the Social Stigma comes into play )

We always blame the VICTIM in a lot of cases

The sheep mentality, and we always surrender our own thinking as it is comfortable allowing the Society to Make Up Our Minds

That is as we would rather be escaping through Netflix or some other mediium that allows for us not to have to think about it


Lucien Faciote II


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