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January 27 20 22:~ The Day Of The LIGHT Will Soon Be Here As I Have Waited For A While How Bout U??

Mark your calendars for February 4, 2022 ~~ which by some weird consequence is also my birthday ( and maybe God Planned Me Out ) '' ya think ? " and I don't look a day over 25 by this picture ( okay 30 ) Today I have to take a trip some where as my Chinese Partners have once again screwed my order up and I have tried to get them to Correct and I have been never had a hard time and I was now able to get a dispute in as it is a order for Headphones x 5, ( earbuds ) as I always buy in bulk as I am brutally hard on them as I use them for energy giving to The Mad Hatter Experience as I walk around MHP ( Making Happy People ) -- and right now I have no headphone / earbuds and it takes away from My Show here on The Streets of Edmonton Alberta Canada where I am allowed to SERVE My GOD & Jesus Christ in the Mission that GOD set before me to do

But hey if ya wanna grab up a Coffee for me that would be fantastic

And I want to thank all the People Which helped me over the last year

Thank YOU All


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