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January 28 20 22:~ In The Beginning Was The Light And The Light Was Good And GOD Was Happy

Today once again I see the Bullshit that the system of Mental Health In My Province has put me through over the last 39 plus years and I wonder how many " lifers " are around as they sure as hell do NOT want us to compare our NOTES

This whole life was set into a PROGRAM when I saw a Dr Peter Williams around five

( 5 ) times in 1989 and we talked and I shared all the shit going on in my life and world as I was sentenced to his clinic for 1 year and after Dr Williams stopped working and moved to Scotland to work with Children

But first after the five sessions he arrived in the Social Workers office and told me I was " Chemically Imbalanced " well that would make sense --- as I had told him that I was doing Weeds, Smokes, Alcohols, & Opiates... so no shit DR No-Brains so the stupid doctor which only knows one thing and that be you fix a " Chemical Imbalance " With MORE CHEMICALS not work ( that would be hard as becoming clean & sober is not his JOB medicating the Victims the Courts send to him Is The Way The System TREATS the People with Chemical Imbalances )

It was a wrong diagnosis and this was only the start of my journey to HELL sponsored by the STATE of Alberta and Funded by The Alberta Tax payers unwittingly

As this ACTOR was a Doctor and they only have to be good at three things"

"Doctors only need three qualifications : - To be able to lie and not get caught, to pretend to be honest, and to cause DEATH without REMORSE.

~ Jean Froissart ~ 1337- 1405

And now I have fortified 39 plus years of MY Life and it is the ONLY ONE that I am ever

I will never see the life I was taken out of my life as I was lied to all my damn life and because I was very naive I believed that the system ( doctors ) were right and I was fucken insane a that is what I was told when I was seeing Patrica Simmonds as she was kind and I know now that she knew who I was all along as I just wanted to how the hell it all ended as my life was over at

February 19, 1975 at 1130pm when the City of Edmonton Police called the family home and said that my DAD was DEAD

Fuck I was so very alone that cold fucken February night I crawled into moms bed as Colette was already there and I slept or tried at the foot of the bed at both Moms and Colette's feet as I only wanted to stop the

Fucken pain I was in as I had never felt that kind of pain as I was lost in y mind / head wife and world

Life for me was over I had zero left at this stage and in---- 3 years --7 months and 7 days = 43 months --7 days

I would have nothing as my sister was gone and the home I was raised in was gone as I lost everything as mom was put in place on 124 th street

I was not allowed to know where she was and I had no idea as t where no idea as to where Colette was as I was officially

The Black Sheep of the family now

September 26, 1978 so of the shit I would start my life with was in 42 Gresham garage and a Tent Trailer parked on the Front Driveway at 40 Gresham Blvd over looking the HOME I grew up in and the HOUSE ALL MY Parents DREAMS that THEY Sacrificed for their Children just ended in a very fucken bad way

And I was ALONE for the Remainder of the Experience That MY MOM & DAD DeSIGNED along with the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH also

The LIFE I have has all been planned right down to en wild experiences I have had i the last few days with the BUZZ from the MEDS ( Opiates ) & Mental Medicines

Dr Dominatrix Patel runs this experience on that side of the COINS

She is beautiful, with a hint of mean ( just what I need to keep me in line )

Thank YOU Doctor A Patel for your kindness and understanding

God Bless YOU ALL

The LIGHT & GOAT = Lucien II

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