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January 28 20 22:~ Laugh At Yourself Today ~ Over Censorship At Mental Health Services of Alberta

Today -- okay a few days now I have had a whole group ( agency ) of Mental Health Workers Censored from this website - wow ~ What WERE They Threatened with?

I had a Mental Health Therapist ~ That wasn't being " HELPFUL " just get TRANSFERRED off my file ( He began on July 14, 2021 and Is Gone On January 28, 2022 = 198 days, and or 6 months and 14 days )

I have been saying that WHAT the SOR was doing unto me it was doing in your name and the FRONT LINE WARRIORS were finally understanding the REALITY of ALL that WENT DOWN in THEIR NAME -- It became HORRIBLE for the WORKERS to HEAR & READ the STORY of

A life cut down by the SYSTEM we are TRUSTING of ( The Elite ) -- Doctors, Governments, Banking , Main Stream Media ( MSM )and Pharma

Today as The TRUTH begins to be TOLD, The SOR is Running --

And YES I need some assistance ( but I have been asking for a While ) and recently the Donation button was placed on this site and you also can use my email at via the interact at your bank

even a few dollars goes very far


The LIGHT & GOAT = Lucien II

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