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January 29 20 22:~ The Multiplex And The SOR = Structure Of Reality -- MHE - Mad Hatter Experience

How have you been your last 39 years -- okay ( haven''t done a single thing against the rules ) I hadn't until I was given a WAKE UP { PILL } RIDE that lasted 37 MONTHS and in the last few months the ENTIRE NARRATIVE about my SUPPOSED Mental Illness was all Manufactured all along as I was fuel for The Psychiatric Industry but and this is a sad part it is too bad they stole my life as they all made serious money from it and then just on June 22, 2021 it changed

Seven Months Seven Days = 7 Months 7 Days it all began to unravel and they brought a therapist online who screwed me over with both of the Mental Health Crisis Lines as he was brought in to SCREW me OVER even more = that was JUST 199 days ago today 6 months and 15 days ago and on my first session I was told I was delusional which after I had to attempt o figure this out on my second session I was told " I never said that " and this is the same run around that I was given for the 39 years that THEY RAN MY LIFE WITH A CHEMISTRY SET that was provided BY BIG PHARMA -- ( CONTROL ) they OWNED ME just as The Truth Comes Out Now THEY OWN EVERYONE -- More To Come later but see below before YOU Travel On -- okay?

Well it was yesterday January 28, 2022 that Mohammed the Therapist was Let Go and Relocated to another CITY in Alberta as a RESULT of my file and when we talked yesterday he seemed like he saw a GHOST and was SHIT SCARED -- YUP he should be as the truth is that I was lied to many times by him and I was allowed to see through it all

I now put out the CALL for a NEW THERAPIST hopefully OUTSIDE the SYSTEM and that thinks they can help me in the years I have remaining as MY BEST YEARS were STOLEN by The Mental Health System in Alberta has created by design

Also if you can afford even a $`1.00 to help me sort out the mess that THE SYSTEM I would be grateful beyond BELIEF

Using Interact you can send it to


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