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January 5, 2022:~ Something, Smells Fishy In Here

This day I have been losing MY MIND and The SOR ( Structure Of Reality ) is now aware that I have been TRIGGERED ( and this is what THEY do to the People that have BALLS and GUTS to face them ) as they were using Broken Medical Equipment to TREAT / HARM ---The Worker Class in Alberta during the early 80's ( no one knows how far back this went ) * story somewhere in the Edmonton Public Library Micro fish Section

The SAME SHIT ( different MOVEMENT ) began on April 3, 1987 and it has been a very long time is arriving as I have waited for the TRIGGERING EVENT all my LIFE for 35 years that I forfeited for " my " Peoples of The Earth

I am so tired as The Mad hatter Experience is now i its 5th Years and I walked so much I am sore how ever for you an our shared society I will walk until the Holy Father takes me to the Palace in the Sky

As the last 5 years I have enjoyed every one of ' my " Peoples Smiling Faces as I am only here for a short time as the GOAL is to SERVE HUMANITY as this is the DEAL I made with MY FATHER in HEAVEN while DEEP in the BOWELS of HELL in a Jail CELL and NOT well as THEY had me where THEY wanted me as I was locked in a box for 23 hours a day for 88 days and this was hard core as all I did was mischief and say I was going to take my life to a Social Worker in The Public Library in The City of Edmonton when I was HOMELESS in "my " Town for 55 days and I was running on fumes to stay alive ( money was not the issue as no one would rent to me at that time and this is not their fault but a fault of the Society that we all are a part of / in as we stigmatize this group of our own Citizens for what ever reason I have no real idea

But the day I went to jail was January 27, 2014 and this was after I met with the Housing Director in the Shelter and she with her black knee high boots crossed on her desk looked at me like I was a diseased human and yaked out of her painted face " you have to be homeless for 1 year before I CAN help you " and I am afraid that somewhat set me off and I snapped and went for my " last good coffee and muffin that I would experience for a while" at the EPCOR Tower Cafe and I was there pretty much daily for the my main mean of the day as then on the day went to see the Social Worker that I was involved with and I snapped, and said those 88 day worlds " I am going to kill myself " and I darted away and he called in the damn army ( Patrol Officers ) who trapped me at the LRT Churchill Station ( one of the last out posts for a few hours a day to stay warm ) under the bust of Winston himself and the Police were called and I was off for a new adventure at your ( societies ) new prison the ERC ( NEW ) and a cage in MXD # 22 where I would live for the 3 months 23 hours a day LOCKED DOWN and 1 hour for a shower, a few phone calls and a moment in the exercise room with a TV -- and then back to the CAGE

Hey this piece is available for sale at the OPENING PRICE of $14.24 USD on it is piece # 27 and I am looking forward to selling you a NFT as this is a way for me to afford rice and beans ( when I even have an appetite as this has dissipated since June when all the PTSD Traumas began to arrive in my life / world my the pound a it seems I have lived one continuous Trauma after the other to the point that Psychologists on the team say I cause them to shiver at the HORROR of my story

Also a Psychiatrist that I was sent to cause I was a naughty boy from my current one said " Society Owes ME and Apology " then I was shipped back after about a year and a bit to the MOST Dominant Female I have ever met till now and she fucken drives me ( NUTS , no Pun Intended ) but she does have me by the NUTS

And while that must be NICE and it would begin the payment for basically ROBBING ME OF MY LIFE from March 15, 1985 when I suffered a work place injury -- when I cashed that first WCB Check I signed my LIFE AWAY

This is why at therapy we say " You Either Design your life or THEY Will and You Likely Won't LIKE what YOU get "

And a doctor in Family medicine said " YOU WERE DEALT A SHITTY HAND " YUP certainly has seemed like this looking back

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