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January 6, 2022:~ WAR ~The Back Story Begins 1969- 1970 at Church And A Man of The Priesthood

Time is UP

The Church Gets Caught AGAIN with a Priest of The Catholic Church Raping The Boy That would become The Mad Hatter Expperience

I need everyones help to get our domain at around $3000 for it plus then we will need hosting

This is MY nextus Gift to my people of the Speices called Humanity as we have been split up some groups doing well and so many people SUFFERING that are or wore at one time our neighbors

NORMAL will never ever come back as it is not in the INTERESTS of The Robber Barons ( think The Multi Billionaires and Multi Millionaires ) and the SLAVES that they have working for their dinner ( these Elite Human Beings Are Designing not only their Lives but they are also Designing YOURS )

If you can spare any money at all send it to

Also I already have a few items for sale for which the money will to go The Earth Revolution Teams as WE BUILD IT THE HUMAN WAY FOR ALL THE PEOPLE

NO Just a FEW Super Rich

I will provide a list later this week and since it is Thursday that is going to be soon

The money will go to fund the GLOBAL REALIGNMENT of Society and Structures Of Reality THAT HAVE Manipulated The Masses for GENERATIONS


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