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January 8, 2022:~ Well The Truth Became Exposed In The Last 48 Hours, As I AM The Victim Of Rape

Well 200 days ( Exactly ) ~ Since MY Mind Opened and Clues started appearing and I was standing in my current home and it was like BANG a Flash of Light and I was being right there again in the place I was Raped -- and the first thing I did I think was to call out for some help

This is where I wonder ( know ) that the LAST Injection was shutting circuits in my brain / mind down and that was because my LAST Injection was May 21, 2021 and on June 6, 2021 -- Abuse and Torture at the very hands of my care team became evident and I started writing about the abuse --- on the day that the RAPE Memory came back June 22, 2021 I called my abusers in Mental Health ( this was weird in and of itself as I know and in my heart that it was NOT This Doctor, and that day she took the CALL )

And this had never in the Therapeutic Relationship that I have had with her had never ever occurred -- and she listened '' I thought " and she made a comment when I asked her how this happens that this happened ai totally never seen it as it was we block out super stressful and painful memory to protect us something called " state- dependent learning " ( takes place according to what I have be able to figure out as she decided that day my label ( mental health label ) needed a change and she called it PTSD and this was now going over to a Therapist and this was withheld from me again until October 19, 2021 another 119 from when she wrote it in my file and I was assigned a therapist on July 14, 2021 ( first session )

The system ( Mental Health System run by Alberta Health Services ) is once again in my treatment as I either except this or i am on my own

I lost my Sobriety last night as I am on a New Contract ( this is a silly tool they use to control and manipulate the client and too make sure that I he is totally dependent to them ) changed 2 x in the last few weeks and I am right from the start the CLIENT needs to be PERFECT for them in a very imperfect system and last night it was like I was the most criminal man on the planet as I was RAPED and NOW I Need to control my emotions, feeling a down all the stuff that has come up since this blew my world apart in front of my eyes as it further destroyed my life

The changed totally in the last 48 odd hours and I have NO, NONE recourse for help as they get me to open up and then use that as a tool against me

Fuck and their good at getting one to open up as they study to do this stuff ( in favor of the system ) as it is always

State Sponsored and The Perfect State can do no wrong until it does and then it has it's ass covered with THEIR COURTS Their Jails and Their Asylums and they don't mind using them to enforce OBEDIENCE to THE STATE ( Authoritarianism ) is the destination as they are now coming for the world as the Mentally Ill were only a testing ground to see if we could enslave the species called HUMAN with Chemicals ( 37 million Americans ) take Anti Depressants

And as my brain was young THEY the SYSTEM loaded me with as many pills as possible without KILLING the HOST of The Experiments`

No more as I am going away as I can no longer do this stuff as I am a VICTIM an I be RE VICTIMIZED ---- By The State -- And They Are Good / Great at This as THEY Have Used the same techniques of various other minority groups

But this time they isolated me from the FAMILY at age 14-17 ( and started inflicting their damage when I was in Grade 5 and around 9 to 10 years old )

Looking back the trail is still visible that I was placed on as I was only a tester human ( a test tube ) to run as many experiments as possible on

I am so stressed as this is only a different phase of their experiment

And this will go on until they are satisfied they have inflicted as many tests / experiments as they can on me

I am out of control -- and they have messed my brains so much as --- a human being can be exploited ---

They are powerful

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