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January 9, 2022:~ I am a mess, as the mental health system CRISIS Line ~Refuses To Help Me

June 6, 2021 ~ The Memory's began flow to ~ about MY Decades Of Abuse, Torture, Being Experimented on with any and every Chemical that the Drug Reps would bring by the Doctors Orifices, oops -- But you know what I mean the very Mental Health System in The Province and City, St Albert / Edmonton I was raised and grew up in turned on way back before some of you people were even BORN --- Tonight I Sit Here Asking Myself ---

" Why as I even born?

As I have pretty much been under the DRUG Induced States of LOTS of Medications ~ To the point that I was here this whole life has taken 39 years to run ( from 1983 to 2022 ) to run and NOW I am NOT allowed to call a CRISIS LINE that is FUNDED by AHS ( Alberta Health Service ) as it is BECAUSE a Therapist that entered my life & world did not like me from day 1, as on July 14, 2021 at our first session he called me DELUSIONAL and has thrown road block after road block up at me and when your therapist calls you a LIAR just how can you have a therapeutic relationship as he has a power trip agenda and I also can't do anything about it and he laughs at me and says " your stuck with me " and then he dives into his shit " I am the best there is " and nothing you can do about it ...

I am in a JAIL CELL and there is only one way out and I already feel dead inside and this PTSD is the weirdest Mental Health Challenge --- That THE SYSTEMS DOCTORS have Labeled me with ----5 Mental Health Challenges --

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