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January 9, 2022:~ Lies And Truths ~ Mental Health Bullies In The Cage of Alberta

This has been a very long week as all hell broke lose as the SYSTEM brings in NEW Care Plan as THEY ( this is THEY ) as I will never and have never had a say in my Own Mental Health Treatments -- EVER -- And it has been only 39-40 years so maybe next year well " or maybe not " as THE CLIENT who is the very reason the AGENTS in Mental Health get their - Car payments, rent / mortgage , groceries , and the rest paid ( and considering that there is $ 40 Million and this is compared to $23 Billion

Just called 2 people in Mental Health, and we talked a bit and I caught both of them in a " little white lie " and I was told both times ( you are putting words in my mouth ) as it now seems that I need to record the calls to and from the HONEST men and girls at the Mental Health & Addictions Services in Alberta

And they own the Machine that could change the basic Narritive (MSM ) so that they conntrol the Mental Health Narritive

-0.18 = 0.08

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