YOU needed ME sober – I Complied =6 yrs. 8 mo.

YOU needed ME OFF WEED I have 12+ years (self-administered) QUIT--- I Complied

YOU needed ME OFF METHADONE –9+ Years – I compiled

YOU needed ME off Nicotine 11 years 10 months (I complied)

How about Benzo’s 3+ years –I complied

I call the above “state change” products --- > I have no way “change my state” as I always in my past life used the above in some combo à now I have to rely on my mind, and I feel screwed as I do NOT know what to do anymore

I do the medications (in fact I have a log and logs going back to 2005) and the current year – I rarely miss a dose, I present my body (and have for the last year for injections) –I need them I have an illness (or do I?)

I am supposed to have some internal built in “coping skills”

That – NO ONE -Ever Taught Me (I finally admit I am stupid)


[BUT THIS Path I am heading on you will take also YOU WILL)

As No One Gets Out Alive

But You Needed to Destroy My Body to

1) Destroy the feet 2013/14

2) Destroy the mouth to prevent proper nutrient intakes 2016

3) The Wound appears 2018 till 2019 (so far this is not over yet)

You All Extracted Everything, But My Soul (that belongs to GOD) and you know better

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